2017 IHS Markit 汽车高管研讨会 [与上海车展共同举办] | 2017 IHS Markit Auto Executive Briefing [in conjunction with Shanghai Auto Show]

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IHS Markit将于2017年4月18日在中国上海举办汽车行业高管研讨会。| IHS Markit is presenting the Auto Executive Briefing in Shanghai, China on April 18, 2017.



参加一年一度的IHS Markit Automotive 研讨会,了解全球性和地区性的行业格局、场景、监管/合规性、技术以及支持产业发展的可持续供应链基础设施相关商业影响的最新资讯。


Future Insights and Technology that Drive the Industry

Automotive is an integral part of multi-modal, on-demand transportation systems to provide seamless mobility. The design and purpose of an automotive are evolving rapidly with machine-to-machine communication and artificial intelligence technology aimed to make driving an autonomous experience. Auto manufacturers need to review focus on issues that redefine automobile demand while ensuring a safer, more intuitive travel experience.

Attend the annual Briefing for the latest updates on global to local landscape, scenarios, regulatory/compliance, technology and business implications for a sustainable supply chain infrastructure that support the industry.

There will be simultaneous translation services provided.

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