IHS Markit Energy Outlook Seminar: Remastering Global Portfolios - New Delhi, India

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IHS Markit is presenting the 2017 Energy Outlook in New Delhi, India on August 22, 2017.

A considered review of worldwide opportunities accounting for tightened upstream risk and efficiency.

As the turbulence in energy markets continues, projects jostle for FID in the closely run race between supply and demand. With complexity compounded by the volatility generated by geopolitical events, the industry continues to search for robust opportunities with potential for growth, rebuilding asset portfolios to better weather the storm.

Join IHS Markit experts as they discuss key drivers and insights on global and regional energy trends and drivers. This seminar will provide you with an up-to-date overview of international energy business issues and opportunities which can be immediately used in your strategic planning and operations.

The IHS Markit Energy Outlook Seminar is a series of seminar taking place at various cities in APAC annually since 2008. Click on the city image below to find out more on the seminar in a city nearest to you.

Jakarta - 24th August

Seoul - 28th August
- Seminar Full

Tokyo - 1st September
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