Energy Executive Briefing: Changing Upstream Costs- Current Trends & Future Analysis

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IHS Executive Briefing に是非ご参加ください。本セッションでは、今後のコスト動向とその進行スピードはどの程度を見込むべきか、各主要セグメントの過去の事例と今後数年の動向分析による弊社独自のインサイトをご提供させていただきます。


  • 上流分野の動向:M&A、市場概況及び現環境下での課題と機会
  • コストエンジニアリングとシミュレーションによる、将来のコストリスク削減の実現性
  • 上流コストのシナリオ分析

Amidst the weak global economy, slowing Chinese economy, and high unemployment in Europe and huge debts to deal with in Greece, the demand for oil will remain subdued for some time. With low oil prices squeezing margins on E&P project capital expenditure, there is increased pressure on the upstream industry to decrease costs. Where, how and at what pace will the costs be spiraling downward or upward?

Join us in the IHS Executive Briefing to explore expected changes in upstream costs; the rate at which different segments have traditionally reacted; and the overall cost index over the next several years.

Discussion Highlights:

  • A Look at the Upstream Landscape: M & A Trends, Outlook, Challenges & Opportunities
  • Cost Engineering & Simulations to Mitigate Future Cost Risks
  • Current Upstream Cost Scenario
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