IHS Markit Energy Briefing Mexico City 2017

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IHS Markit is presenting the IHS Markit Energy Briefing 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico on May 16, 2017.

Mexico will face political and economic uncertainties through 2018 that could profoundly affect economic growth, security and national policy and politics. Coming presidential elections in 2018, renegotiating NAFTA, violence levels not seen since 2011. These challenges happen in the face of lower investment environment and possible backlash and even protectionist measures from the US. How Mexico will forge ahead? How can companies best hedge against risk? What are the possible outcomes?

Key components of this session will be:

  • Geopolitics and Mexico: Oil prices, trade, cross-border relations and domestic politics
  • Welcome to the upstream global competition: Why Mexico?
  • Mexico's gas and power markets
  • Clean Energy: Beginners luck or scaling up?
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