EMEA Aromatics and Olefins Conference

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Monday, Jun 13, 2016

    • 9:00 amTraining Workshop

      Aromatics Fundamentals and Trading Workshop 2016

    • 6:00 pmPre-registration and Welcome Cocktails

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016

    • 8:00 amRegistration/Welcome Refreshments
    • 8:45 amIntroduction and Moderator Remarks

      Lyn Tattum, Vice President, IHS Chemical

    • 8:50 amGlobal Chemicals: Operating in New Industry Dynamics

      John Page, Senior Vice President, IHS Chemical

    • 9:15 amThe Future for European Chemicals in a Changing Energy Scenario

      Stefano Soccol, Vice President, Intermediates Business Unit, Versalis

      Versalis will share its perspectives on the overall EMEA olefins industry amid the changes in energy and ethane prices, and how volatility may have changed business strategies. Europe has structural disadvantages to face in order to compete in the global chemical markets, while there are significant opportunities it can leverage.

    • 9:40 amEMEA's Economy: Slow and Steady Recovery?

      Jan Randolph, Director of Sovereign Risk, Economics & Country Risk, IHS

    • 10:00 amQ&A/Panel Discussion

      Lyn Tattum, Vice President, IHS Chemical

    • 10:15 amNetworking Break
    • 10:45 amIHS Dialogue: Impact of Global Energy & Feedstocks on Aromatics and Olefins

      Nick Rados, Global Business Director, Feedstocks, IHS Chemical

      Duncan Clark, Global Business Director, Aromatics & Fibers, IHS Chemical

      Matthew Thoelke, Senior Director - Olefins and Derivatives EMEA, IHS Chemical

      Moderator: Lyn Tattum, Vice President, IHS Chemical

      The crash in oil prices has clearly had an impact on the entire petrochemical industry. What has driven this collapse and what have the consequences been? IHS experts discuss in an interactive dialogue:

      Drivers and outlook

      Implications for naphtha and LPG markets

      What this will do to global cost differentials for olefins and the consequences of reduced advantages

      How they will affect refinery operations and supply of aromatics

    • 11:15 amA Perspective on Managing Risk in an Increasingly Volatile Environment

      James Yong, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Bank

      In an ever more volatile global market for petrochemicals, reducing price and margin risk is increasingly critical for the industry. This presentation will explore effective hedging techniques for petrochemicals.

    • 11:35 amSpot Markets: Managing Risks and Logistics

      David Potter, Director/Global Same-Day Analysis, IHS Chemical

    • 11:55 amPetrochemicals in Europe: Special Focus on Aromatics and Olefins

      Dorothee Arns, Executive Director, Petrochemicals Europe

    • 12:15 pmPanel/Q&A
    • 12:30 pmLunch
    • Afternoon Breakout: Aromatics

      Moderator: Duncan Clark, Global Business Director, Aromatics & Fibers, IHS Chemical

      Aromatics markets struggled through 2015, with reforming margins held up by strong gasoline demand. IHS expects a slow recovery in crude prices starting in the second half of 2016, which will change dynamics among naphtha, gasoline and aromatics.

      This conference will hone in on these products and provide content and analysis on: 

      What can be expected in the coming year?
      How will this impact production and margins of aromatics and derivatives?
      How will trade patterns evolve? 

      This conference will hone in on these products and provide content and analysis on: 

      Nylon feedstocks

    • 2:00 pmThe Future of the Global Styrene Market

      Mike Cromack, Global Business Director - Feedstocks, Trinseo Europe GmbH

      With multiple political, economic and societal challenges it’s easy to assume that any market outlook could be pessimistic, not least for styrene that has struggled for many years. 
      However, this presentation proposes there is a case for optimism. Based on supply and demand fundamentals, we believe a tipping point has been reached.

    • 2:25 pmBenzene: The Challenge of Operating in a Shrinking Market

      Katie Elliot, Director, BTX, IHS Chemical

      Further closures of benzene production units are expected in the European market in the coming two years.  How is the industry facing these challenges?  How might changes in Middle Eastern markets impact Europe? Will the supply picture then improve?

    • 2:50 pmPhenol and Acetone Market Outlook

      Tobias Spyra, Director/Styrenics, IHS Chemical

      This presentation explores the current situation of the European phenol business, including changes in supply and demand balances,  global trade flows. It will also outline future challenges facing the phenolic chain.

    • 3:15 pmPanel/Q&A
    • 3:30 pmNetworking Break
    • 4:00 pmEuropean PX & PTA – Where’s the Upside?

      Duncan Clark, Global Business Director, Aromatics & Fibers, IHS Chemical

      This presentation will focus on:

      The current state of the European PX and PTA business
      How regional demand for PX and PTA in Europe has changed over the last five years due to downstream derivative capacity changes and what investments will come in the next five years.
      What future threats and opportunities will arise for European producers of PX and PTA due to global market changes 

      Where producers can target new business to survive for the future.

    • 4:30 pmNylon Fiber and Feedstocks Overview

      Yazmine Khan, Consultant Nylon Fiber Feedstocks, IHS Chemical

    • 5:00 pmConcluding Remarks
    • 5:00 pmConference Concludes
    • 5:30 pmCocktail Reception
    • Afternoon Breakout: Olefins

      Ethylene has had an exceptionally strong 2015, with record integrated margins seen in Europe. However, at the same time margins in the Middle East have come under pressure as the collapse in oil prices has squeezed prices and hurt the low cost ethane crackers. This pressure is set to continue with increased feedstock prices in Saudi Arabia also contributing to the Middle Eastern industry’s difficulties. In contrast, European demand growth will have to be met by growing imports due to a rash of capacity rationalizations in response to poor demand that followed the financial crisis. Russia meanwhile faces challenges in investment despite feedstock availability. The 2016 conference will provide analysis and insights on market supply and demand, as well as focus on the possibility of new capacity investment for:

      Olefins derivatives

    • 2:00 pmCracker Feedstocks: More Options to Choose From

      Nick Rados, Global Business Director, Feedstocks & Energy, IHS Chemical

      Naphtha as feedstock in the U.S. and European steam crackers is being displaced by lower-cost propane and ethane. While the U.S. has large resources of wet shale gas, Europe is enjoying benefits of competition between U.S. shale, Russia and Africa propane. Mideast propane, meanwhile, has been increasingly displaced away from Europe. In Asia, propane has been better competing with imported naphtha in steam crackers and has also found a new application in propane dehydrogenation units.
      Propane trade is expected to increase, while naphtha is expected to be oversupplied in the near- to mid-term. It seems that EMEA steam cracker margins have nowhere to go but up, but prospects in the U.S. and Asia are bit more complex.

    • 2:25 pmGlobal Ethylene… …With Various Perspectives for EMEA

      Matthew Thoelke, Senior Director - Olefins and Derivatives, EMEA, IHS Chemical

      The impacts of global trends on the ethylene market cannot be ignored for either producers or consumers in Europe or the Middle East. But which aspects of global developments are most critical can vary greatly. For some the developments of feedstock prices is critical whilst for others availability is considerably more important; for many investment cost developments are paramount whilst for others availability of capital is key. This paper will put the challenges and opportunities that ethylene players in EMEA see into a global perspective and map out the role these regions will play moving forward.

    • 2:50 pmButadiene and Derivatives: A Rebalancing Act

      Remko Koster, Director, C4 and Derivatives, IHS Chemical

    • 3:15 pmPanel/Q&A
    • 3:30 pmNetworking Break
    • 4:00 pmGlobal Propylene……. Plentiful, but for How Long?

      Chuck Carr, Senior Director, Global Olefins, IHS Chemical

      The past year and a half has seen propylene prices crater to incremental production cost levels in all regions.  Ample new China capacity for both propylene and derivatives has tipped the supply/demand balance long, with even more capacity set to start up in the near term.  However, with propylene demand growth benefitting from the lower prices, and projects yet to start construction likely to be delayed or cancelled, how long will it be before the global market tightens and prices/margins once again place a call for additional investment.

    • 4:30 pmOlefins Derivatives Market Outlook

      Kevin Longworth, Senior Analyst Polyolefins, IHS Chemical

      The olefins landscape is experiencing some seismic shifts as the world begins to embrace the onslaught of considerable capacity builds. North America is capitalizing on shale gas to increase polyethylene capacity significantly in the coming years, but what does this mean for the global PE market? Asia is moving towards polypropylene self-sufficiency as capacity expands exponentially and this will see it play an ever increasing role global pricing levels. Europe sits at the junction between the US and Asia it too will see significant changes as olefin derivative capacity is expanded in other regions. In this presentation we will examine the olefins derivative developments around the globe and their impact on supply, demand, trade and most importantly pricing in the coming years.

    • 5:00 pmClosing Remarks
    • 5:00 pmConference Concludes
    • 5:30 pmCocktails

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016

    • 9:00 am New - Meet the Experts Breakfast

      You will have the opportunity to interact closely with IHS experts and explore market issues and questions face to face. Gain unique insights from IHS experts in an informal setting with this exclusive breakfast networking opportunity. Admission is included with your conference fee but space is limited.

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