IHS Markit Life Sciences Briefing

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IHS is presenting the Life Science Briefing in Frankfurt, Germany on June 7, 2016.

Pharmaceutical Price Optimization and Creative Tiered Pricing Strategies: Understanding the role of evolving P&R risks.

Finding the optimum price strategy when the goalposts keep moving is a perpetual issue for global pharmaceutical operators. Not only are P&R policies and risks around the world constantly evolving, but the underlying economic realities are undergoing fundamental changes.

Join us on 7th June for an afternoon briefing on setting optimal pricing strategies. We will provide an overview of key P&R risks and trends, and dig into how to strengthen pricing strategies in this context. Included in the discussion will be potential innovative tiered pricing strategies and incorporating household disposable income and demographic forecasts.

Key questions we will address:

  • What are the main pricing trends around the globe?
  • What can the people pay? A review of disposable incomes across major markets.
  • Is tiered pricing the right solution for you?
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