IHS Markit Country Risk Briefing

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IHS Markit is presenting the Country Risk Briefing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on October 17, 2016.

The regional proxy conflicts in Middle East continue to escalate, showing no sign of resolution. The newfound Russia and Turkey cooperation after the recent failed military coup in Turkey will shift the conflict, but not end it. Join IHS expert as we examine the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, which is pivotal to the rest of the world's political stability. During the briefing, we will address the possible implications on Gulf Arab States, future scenarios and potential game changers. Click this link to Register

Topics covered:

  • Ongoing regional proxy conflict in Syria and Iraq
  • The risk of proxy conflict expanding into the Kurdistan Regional Government
  • The IRGC's retrenchment and implications for the Gulf
  • Russian-Turkish renewed cooperation and its implications
  • US Presidential Elections: Outcomes and scenarios
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