IHS Markit Global Economics and Country Risk Conference

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Tuesday, Jun 09, 2015

    • 8:30 amRegistration
    • 9:00 amWelcome

      Zbyszko Tabernacki, Vice President, Economics & Country Risk

    • 9:05 amAre Long Awaited Global Economic Recoveries Finally Here?

      Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, IHS Markit

    • 10:15 amGlobal Commodities Dialogue

      Low oil prices and a strengthening dollar have profound impacts on global commodity markets. This panel will feature a discussion on production and price outlooks across major commodities impacting the economy. The session will include discussions on oil markets, gas and metals, as well as other commodities.

      Lucas Casalino, Principal Economist, World Industry Service, Economics

      Shankari Srinivasan, Vice President, Energy

      Daniel Evans, Senior Director, Downstream Consulting, Energy

      Jason Kaplan, Senior Manager, IHS Markit Pricing & Purchasing

    • 11:00 amCoffee Break
    • 11:15 amThe European Recovery

      European growth is finally accelerating, after several dismal years. To understand if the recovery is sustainable, it is important to understand the factors which underlie the stronger performance of the recent months: how much does Europe's recovery owe to the fall in oil prices, the weaker euro, to the ECB's QE program and to the structural reforms of the past years respectively? Is deflation still a risk, and if not can anything still derail the recovery?  Which countries will be tomorrow's growth locomotives?

      Elisabeth Waelbroeck-Rocha, Chief International Economist, IHS Markit

    • 12:00 pmLunch

      Keynote speaker: Catherine Mann, Chief Economist, OECD

    • 1:30 pmPerspectives from the Automotive and Chemical Industries

      Radical shifts in exchange rates, prices of oil and other commodities, monetary policies, and geopolitics are disrupting the business environment in Europe and beyond. Some of these forces are supporting the incipient European recovery, while others are creating new risks and market volatility. Business leaders from the automotive and chemical industries will discuss how the macroeconomic environment is shaping the outlooks for their markets. They will provide insights on how the weak euro is affecting Eurozone competitiveness and how their business strategies are changing in response to economic and political disruptions.

      Sara Johnson, Senior Research Director, Economics

      John Page, Vice President, Global Chemicals Consulting, IHS Markit

      Christophe Chabert, Director of Strategy, Planning & Development Europe, Renault

    • 2:30 pmRussia's Perfect Storm: Political, Economic, and Energy Risks in 2015

      Since annexing Ukraine's Crimea region in March 2014, Russia has been hit by a "perfect storm" of sanctions, falling oil prices, capital flight, and a volatile currency. Capital flight accelerated amid a sharp fall of the ruble, and although the ruble stabilized, risks for further turmoil remains high. Inflation, according to IHS Markit forecasts, will bounce toward a double-digit level in 2015, while Russia is confronted with a steep recession in 2015 and 2016. The consequences for the economy are serious, and the longer term implications for the country's political trajectory include the rise of new regulatory and instability risks.

      Ralf Wiegert, Director, Consulting, Economics & Country Risk

      Alex Kokcharov, Principal Analyst, Country Risk

    • 3:15 pmCoffee Break
    • 3:30 pmSlowdown in China: Implications for the Region and the World

      The most recent indicators of economic activity in China confirm that the country's economic growth is slowing. This development exposes substantial structural problems including industrial overcapacity, excessive debt accumulation, and real estate market pressures. How the Chinese government handles the adjustment and steers the economy towards the "new normal" will have profound consequences for future growth and impact the entire region and the world economy. A hard landing in China remains a risk that will need to be managed.

      Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, IHS Markit

      Sara Johnson, Senior Research Director, Economics

      Omar Hamid, Head of Asia, Country Risk

    • 4:30 pmPolitical and security risks in the Middle East

      An escalation in political violence in the Middle East and North Africa poses risks to supply chains, energy infrastructure, and other strategic assets. This panel will explore the Islamic State insurgency, the outlook for the conflict in Yemen, Iran's involvement in regional conflicts, views on an Iran nuclear accord and the sanctions regime, and the region's economic prospects.

      Sara Johnson, Senior Research Director, Economics

      Richard Jackson, Deputy Head of Violent Risk Forecasting, Country Risk

      Marie Biggas, Senior Underwriter, Terrorism and Political Violence, Arch

    • 5:15 pmClosing Remarks

      Zbyszko Tabernacki, Vice President, Economics & Country Risk

    • 5:25 pmConference Close
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