IHS Markit Economics and Country Risk Briefing

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IHS Markit is presenting the Economics and Country Risk Briefing in Paris, France on June 22, 2017.

Political pressures, risks and opportunities in an environment of extreme volatility

The escalating political risk environment poses a number of challenges for the European economy and raises concerns.

Join IHS Markit experts on 22nd June in Paris for the Economics and Country Risk Briefing, where we will discuss how the growing geopolitical tensions and risks of protectionism affect global stability and impact economic trends and risks.

Key topics we will address:

  • What the PMI data tells us about the global economy and about industry trends
  • Europe´s economy: Peak or a trend?
  • Election high season roller coaster: Possible consequences for the future of the European Union
  • Erdoğan, his new and unconstrained powers and the upcoming presidential election
  • Global risk outlook and key threats
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