Economics and Country Risk Conference

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Asia’s future opportunities, risks, and challenges in a dynamic global economy

Despite multiple divergent trends, the global economy is set to accelerate slightly in 2015 and 2016. We’ll assess the impacts of commodity prices, technology, demographics, government policies, and the evolving global political and security environment on business and market conditions.

During the event we will explore:

  • The economic outlook for Asia and other regions of the world
  • Winners and losers from the plunge in global oil and commodity prices
  • Strategic choices for Japanese companies—investing at home or abroad?
  • China and India in 2020 and beyond
  • Development of the ASEAN Economic Community’s
  • Opportunities for diversifying Asian investment destinations

ダイナミックな世界経済における アジアの今後のビジネスチャンスとリスク、そして課題



  • アジアとその他の地域の経済見通し
  • 世界的な石油およびコモディティ価格の急落による勝者と敗者
  • 日本企業の戦略的選択 ― 国内投資か海外投資か?
  • 2020年以降の中国とインド
  • ASEAN経済共同体が上昇する可能性
  • アジアの投資先を多様化するチャンス
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