Economics and Country Risk Seminar - Seoul

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Friday, May 26, 2017

    • 8:30 am등록 | Registration
    • 9:30 am환영사 및 소개 | Welcome Remarks and Introduction
    • 9:45 amSession 1: US and European Policies Under New Political Leadership: Implications for the World and for South Korea

      The new Trump administration in the U.S and national elections in major European countries this year indicate high uncertainty about political and policy direction in key markets. Despite this, business confidence are generally on the rise, with outlook for developed markets improving, global stock markets reaching new highs and commodity and emerging markets in full recovery mode. With rising global uncertainty, shifting geopolitical dynamics, what is in store in 2017 and how will these global developments impact outlook for South Korea?

      Anton Alifandi, Principal Analyst, Deputy Head of Desk, Country Risk - Asia Pacific, IHS Markit

    • 10:30 amCoffee Break
    • 10:50 amSession 2: Managing the Inevitable Slowdown: How will China cope with growing internal challenges

      After years of worry about an imminent hard landing, China continues to grow at rates enviable to most other countries. While growth remains relatively fast, the sources of growth continue to change, driven by both Chinese policy decisions and market forces. In 2017 China is expected to suffer a housing market downturn, push forward with industrial consolidation and upgrading, and undergo a mid-term political reshuffle. How will these issues impact Chinese growth at home, and among its near neighbors, in 2017 and beyond?

      Brian Jackson, Principal Economist, China Economic Research, IHS Markit

    • 11:35 amSession 3: Scenarios Simulations and Predictions

      While baseline forecasts are chosen based on most likely outcomes, upside and downside risks are common concerns. IHS Markit’s Global Link Model, makes nuanced scenario building fast, easy, and accessible. In this session, we will explore popular scenarios to give you a glimpse of what the future holds as we continue in a period of geo-political and economic uncertainty.

      Brian Jackson, Principal Economist, China Economic Research, IHS Markit

    • 12:00 pmClosing
    • 12:05 pmNetworking Lunch
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