Engineering Excellence Middle East Roadshow 2015

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IHS is presenting the Engineering Excellence Middle East Roadshow 2015 in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia on May 13, 2015.

Within the Middle East region, some companies suffer from the heavy drop in oil prices and while there is a strong focus on saving money for the short term, IHS can offer solutions that address efficiencies for your business while staying competitive for the longer term - Meeting the needs for today and tomorrow!

We know that lack of a “single source of information” compounds errors across an organization and the supply chain. In essence we know there is a 60% failure rate for engineering projects (Source: achieveGlobal Focus Group). Engineers frequently conduct search for information through multiple sources which is often the route to error, given lack of correct and clear information sources.

IHS & The American Qatari International Trade Company invite to you to join our Engineering Excellence Middle East Roadshow 2015, where we will address overall challenges for companies and industries within the Middle East Region, solutions to this and demonstrate actual results. This will be done through:

  • IHS Thought Leadership
  • Case Studies
  • Round Table dialogue

The final objective is to showcase how you can:

  • Increase efficiencies for your business.
  • Drive competitive advantage
  • Drive innovative solutions
  • Drive short term and longer term value
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