Adapting Your Portfolio – E&P Future A Regional Examination of Trends and Opportunities

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  • トップクラスの資源探査企業各社と、そのトップたる理由にフォーカスした、世界的な資源探査のトレンド
  • 世界各国の財政状況の最新の変化と、石油、天然ガスの価格下落による収益性への影響について
  • メキシコ、ブラジル、コロンビア、アルゼンチンなど、ラテンアメリカへの投資機会について
  • 原油安による影響、イランの国際市場復帰についての詳細と中東諸国の紛争について


  • 最適な成長機会の定義・設定
  • 資産のライフサイクル全体に対するリスク管理
  • 開発・操業コストの減少
  • 規制準拠のための時間・コストの節減
  • ROIの最適化
  • 貯留層のパフォーマンス改善

How do global investment opportunities compare in a new era of low oil price? What is the real value of entry into Iran, Mexico, Brazil and other hotspots?

Join an IHS team of E&P experts as they present an independent analysis on the global upstream outlook, from growth opportunities around the world.

Discussion topics include:

  • Global exploration trends focused around who are the top explorers and why
  • Review of the latest changes to fiscal terms around the world and the impact on profitability of low price oil and gas
  • Review of opportunities in Latin America, from Mexico to Brazil, Colombia and Argentina
  • Assessment of the impact of low oil price and conflict on Middle East countries with a detailed look at the opening up of Iran

About IHS: In collaboration with corporate and government upstream oil and gas clients worldwide, IHS identifies exploration and producing opportunities that promise optimal growth. IHS also helps you minimize production costs, optimize field asset values, evaluate new technologies and much more. We integrate deep energy expertise, research, and detailed databases with advanced surface and subsurface analysis so you can:

  • Target the best future growth opportunities
  • Manage risk throughout the asset life cycle
  • Decrease development and operating costs
  • Save time and costs associated with regulatory compliance
  • Optimize ROI
  • Understand and improve reservoir performance
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