Jane's Dynamic Thinking for AML

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Two days Dynamic Thinking for AML Workshop by Jane's

The Jane’s training workshop on Dynamic Thinking for Anti-Money Laundering helps analysts in banks and financial institutions form vigilant and inquiring minds to counter money laundering and terrorist financing in the financial services industry.

Banks and financial institutions have been hit with record penalties in recent years over failures to identify criminal activities and alert the authorities. In response many banks now over-report, filing hundreds of thousands of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to avoid subsequent punishment by regulators. With a lack of feedback provided by government law enforcement or intelligence agencies to the submission of SARs, the current system is inefficient and runs the risk of creating more noise that drowns out the useful signals that would reveal money laundering or terrorism financing.

The Jane’s workshop takes a people-centred approach, since it is the analysts in banks and financial institutions who are the key asset to countering money laundering and terrorist financing. The Jane’s workshop helps individuals and teams build the habits of mind they need to respond to the complex and fast changing environment in which they work.

This workshop provides a new, innovative and dynamic approach built on decades of real-world experience in the fields of counter-terrorism and investigation of organised crime.

There are three core objectives to the Jane’s workshop that will enable the attendees to do the following:

  • Understand the ‘bigger picture’ and benefits of identifying suspicious activity
  • Develop a dynamic mindset
  • Acquire new skills
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