Cyber-Security Awareness

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Two day Cyber-Security Awareness workshop by Jane's

The cyber-security training workshop is focused on helping OSINT analysts develop cyber security awareness to minimize their risks while engaged in online research. The course is delivered by specialist experts in cyber-security and OSINT, all with prior experience of working in the UK government, intelligence agencies, and/or military.

The workshop is aimed at training staff engaged in online research to identify and avoid potential threats that could harm their security or that of their organization. The cyber-security awareness training course will improve the security behaviours and habits of the attendees by increasing their understanding of the information they might give away during their day-to-day work, and their appreciation of how malicious actors could target them. Through a mixture of theoretical and practical sessions, the workshop will go beyond teaching a simple series of online safety lessons and will help trainees to incorporate more secure practices into their online research activities. The training is designed to equip analysts with a practically useful skills base that provides a beneficial level of professional development.

There are three core objectives to the proposed training as follows:

  • Understand the security risks encountered when conducting online research
  • Learn to employ appropriate security measures
  • Learn to use methods and tools to increase anonymity online
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