2017 International Oil & Gas Executive Forum | 2017 国际油气发展研讨会

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IHS and CNPC ETRI are jointly presenting the 2017 International Oil & Gas Executive Forum in Beijing, China on December 8, 2016.

The global energy industry and key producing and consuming countries are undergoing profound changes today. Oil prices are likely to remain low for an extended period, and global climate problems are driving enhanced aspirations for clean energy. As countries and companies look to the new world of energy, "transition" is now becoming a defining word. Governments around the world are examining their role during this critical period of change.

To help the industry distinguish the important trends in global energy and geopolitics and to assess their impact on companies and governments alike, China National Petroleum Corporation Economics & Technology Research Institute (CNPC ETRI) and IHS Markit will jointly host the 2017 4th International Oil & Gas Executive Forum in Beijing on December 8, 2016.

With the theme Governments and the Great Energy Transition, the Forum will include key Chinese and international governments and agencies, energy companies, research organizations, and industry experts to share their views. The Forum will examine the significant events that helped shape the energy sector in 2016 and offer industry outlooks for the coming years.


为了帮助行业各界洞察全球能源及地缘政治的重要趋势,并深刻理解这些变化对企业与公共政策的影响,中国石油集团经济技术研究院与IHS Markit将于2016年12月8日在北京联合举办2017第四届国际油气发展研讨会。


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