IHS China Smart TV and Smart Display Conference

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With the rapid development of smart TV and smart displays, smart TV has become an important trend in the FPD industry. The most authoritative conference in Chinese TV and display industry is now combined with resources from IHS. Over the past decade, the TV industry has developed dramatically, and our conference topics have also changed from HD TV, connected TV, 3D TV, to smart TV. In addition to becoming slimmer with emphasis on design, industrial manufacturers are also continuing to explore TV resolutions, interfaces for interactive experiences, and viewing angles in order to meet consumer preferences better. The multi-screen interactive era with more and more smart display devices integrated into the viewing experience means that the demand for smart TV is more urgent. Meanwhile, watching TV content whenever and wherever possible using mobile devices is becoming more popular, so content and platforms are vital to create demand and ensure satisfaction. 2015 China Smart TV and Smart Display Conference will continue to discuss ultra-high resolution 4K TV and AMOLED TV. In addition, the conference will extend from smart TV market to consumer preference, system platform, and application trends.

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