China Display Conference 2017 | 2017中国显示产业研讨会

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IHS Markit is presenting the 2017 China Display Conference in Shanghai, China on September 7-8, 2017.

The IHS Markit China Display Conference is a well renowned conference within the flat panel display industry. During the two-day event, an international group of senior IHS Markit analysts will present on a wide range of display topics. Delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of current trends and acquire a unique perspective on the future of the display industry.

IHS Markit中国显示产业研讨会是平板显示行业内知名的会议。 在为期两天的活动期间, IHS Markit全球资深分析师及业内顶级厂商代表将展示广泛的显示行业主题。 与会者们将全面了解当前的趋势,并对显示行业的未来获得独特的见解。

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