Chemical Seminar - Navigating the Future: Opportunities and Challenges for Chemical Industry amidst uncertainty

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IHS is presenting the IHS Chemical Seminar in Tokyo, Japan on October 15, 2015.

The specialty chemical market size is projected to reach $470 Billion by 2020 with the Asia-Pacific region remaining the largest market for specialty chemicals. Can the Asia-Pacific region continue to drive the demand, riding the wave of growing end use markets industries such as automotive, electronics and construction?

As the chemical industry and its end user market continue to become more complex and dynamic, a complete understanding of market dynamics, industry structure, price and trade data as well as supply demand dynamics, technology trends, acquisitions and alliances and insightful analysis of regulatory factors is of utmost importance for critical decision making and strategic planning.

Join IHS and our experts to discuss the following:

  • Is Japan’s economy showing signs of a slowdown?
  • What is the outlook for base petrochemicals in the face of market volatility where oil prices continue to fluctuate?
  • Where are the growth hotspots and challenges Japanese chemical companies have to navigate during a time of uncertainty?
  • What are the trends and driving forces influencing specialties chemical markets?
  • How can Japanese chemical companies evolve from producing commodities to specialty chemical, striving to develop its chemical industry in Asian?

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未来を切り開く: 不透明感高まる化学業界の機会と課題




  • 日本経済に減速の兆しは見えるか。
  • 原油価格の変動で市場が不安定な中、基礎石油化学業品の見通しはどうか。
  • 日本の化学メーカーが先行き不透明なこの時期を切り抜ける為の、チャンスとチャレンジは何か。
  • スペシャリティケミカル市場に影響を与えるトレンドや原動力はどのようなものか。
  • 日本の化学メーカーが汎用品の生産からスペシャリティケミカルの分野へと展開し、アジアにおける化学産業の展望を一変させるためにはどのように取り組むべきか。
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