IHS Markit Bid Round Webinar Series 2016

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This webinar series will analyse events and data from the historical, current and upcoming bidding rounds in India, Australia and New Zealand and to identify what has and hasn't worked, and the critical success factors for both companies and government to take full advantage of the bidding rounds.

Join our webinars to get complete and timely coverage of bid round insights from IHS experts. Our upstream, basin, midstream and fiscal information allow companies and governments to easily screen and analyse these opportunities, leading to better decisions.

The webinar sessions will be held on the following dates:

  • India Bid Round
    4 Feb 2016, Thursday
    2pm – 3pm SGT
  • New Zealand Bid Round
    8 March 2016, Tuesday
    2pm – 3pm SGT
  • Australia Bid Round
    10 May 2016, Tuesday
    2pm – 3pm SGT
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