Automotive Workshop Maximize your Automotive Dealer Network to Sustain Growth in a Diversified Market | 优化你的汽车经销商网络,在多元化市场中维持增长

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In today's competitive environment, your success depends on matching your dealer network to consumer behavior and demand. Optimizing your network—in terms of the number, size, location and product/service mix—is critical. Join us in this comprehensive workshop to learn about network planning services, including detailed market analyses, optimal dealer modeling, territory design and dealer/market performance measurement. At the end of the session, you will be able to identify practical solutions that help enhance your competitiveness in the following areas:

  • 了解你的区域市场
  • 评估当前/未来的网络发展机会
  • 找到潜在客户并确定机会
  • 优化你的经销商网络
  • 模拟网络改进和创新的影响
  • 快速应对市场变化
  • 提高销售额、市场占有率和覆盖率以及盈利能力
  • Understand your regional market
  • Assess current/future network opportunities
  • Find prospect customers and locate opportunities
  • Optimize your dealer networks
  • Model the impact of network modification and innovation
  • React quickly to market changes
  • Increase sales, market share, market coverage and profitability
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