Automotive 研讨会:帮助您更好地做出进入新市场的投资决策

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You are cordially invited to attend this exclusive workshop.


This exclusive workshop equips you with tools for making better decisions on overseas investments— from trends to market forecasts, critical data and tools, IHS is leveraging advanced analytics capabilities to frame business strategies. The focus of this workshop will be on the MarketInsight tool which provides users with an intuitive web-based system that delivers immediate access to essential vehicle registration, vehicles-in-operation and sub-national registration information.


  • 销售计划和市场营销
  • 车队再营销
  • 售后市场
  • 市场表现

Presented in a simple yet dynamic graphical interface, users can leverage MarketInsight for:

  • Sales Planning & Marketing
  • Fleet Re-Marketing
  • Aftermarket
  • Market Performance
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