Automotive研讨会2016年中国省/市层面预测更新 | Automotive Workshop - 2016 China Province/ City Forecast Update

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Automotive forecasts, the global sales outlook for 2016 is likely to be defined by smaller gains, but also less pain than 2015. Incremental volume growth in the US and Europe is forecast to be solid but less spectacular, while on the other side of the balance sheet, further downside from Russia, South America and some big ASEAN car markets will be less of a drag on global volumes as their impact lessens, having already suffered severe market contractions. This, combined with the new autos targeted stimulus in China is likely to provide a mild uptick in global sales growth of 1.9 percent, IHS Markit automotive forecasts. The 2016 global forecast from IHS Markit calls for sales of 89.8 million units -- just shy of the possibility of a global automotive light vehicle market reaching 90 million units.

The auto market forecast is not static as there are many influencing factors such as urbanization effect, government policies and population dynamics which change by the month, and given the position of China in the global automotive market today, an investor in China will want to understand the heartbeat of potential growths/ risks, competitor landscape and product mix in each province and also city level.

Join us in the first Auto workshop featuring *China Provincial/ City Market Forecast for 2016 to learn about the complexity of market drivers in the Chinese market, the potential risks for early market saturation for some cities and provinces as well as opportunities for others. This is the second time we are conducting the complimentary workshop for selected customers due to popular request since 2015.

*The China Provincial/ City Market Forecast, the first of its kind in the industry, includes passenger vehicle demand for 340+ Cities in China and incorporates the input assumptions from no less than nine market-leading forecast services - in conjunction with broad economic and demographic intelligence from IHS Markit - to provide a robust solution for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and marketers seeking to understand the business opportunity in China and strategically plan for growth. The forecast also includes vehicle demand, segment trends, model/body style demand and brand coverage from foreign import brands, joint venture brands and Chinese domestic brands.

This event is complimentary; due to limited space, we will assess registrants' details and inform you duly in writing a week prior event date if your registration is successful.

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