Automotive Conference – Tokyo カンファレンス―東京

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IHS Markit is presenting the Automotive Conference in Tokyo, Japan on March 5, 2015.



皆さんの自動車戦略は、「低原油価格世界」への変容および予想される消費者の購買動向への影響に備えていますか?低原油価格と成熟市場復活という経済環境で、最高の成長機会はどこにあるのでしょうか? プラットフォームのグローバル化と地域調達に向かう傾向は、新興市場の成長鈍化と安いガソリンンによって影響を受けるのでしょうか?

The massive 20 year rise in international trade and globalization is slowing, and the world's economy is once again looking to America, not BRICs, to provide the engine for economic growth. China is still the world's largest automobile market, but its economy is slowing markedly.

In addition, the United States' recent investments in new crude oil extraction technologies , and OPEC's decision not to reduce production, has had a massive impact on oil markets and the commodity's key players. The resulting increase in the supply of oil, the life-blood of the global economy, is transforming the world's geopolitics from "The New World Order" into "The Lower Oil Price World", and the resulting lower fuel costs will have large implications for auto consumers and the products they buy for years to come.

Is your automotive strategy prepared for "the Lower Oil Price World" transformation and the likely impact on consumer purchases? Where are best growth opportunities in a low oil price and resurgent mature market economic environment? Is the trend toward globalized platforms and regional sourcing impacted by weakening emerging market growth and cheap gas?

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