Automotive 秋季大会 - 上海 | Automotive Conference – Shanghai

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IHS将于2015年10月13日在中国上海召开Automotive大会。 IHS Markit is presenting the Automotive Conference in Shanghai, China on October 13, 2015.

成长坎坷之路 – 在市场动荡时期寻找正确的前进道路
The Rocky Road to Growth – Finding the right path forward in volatile times



  • 全球汽车需求展望(包括非洲)
  • 中国各地区和城市的汽车需求展望
  • 轻型车辆生产展望
  • CO2和燃油经济合规性
  • 技术新发展和技术途径对比
While the overall global economic and automotive outlook is positive, many underlying factors remain in a state of flux. The fall in crude oil prices has helped and harmed many countries and industries; emerging markets have lost their appeal; China is growing more slowly; Western Europe and Japan are tackling emissions legislation, aging work forces, and large sovereign debt positions; and the United States is bracing for new monetary policies, higher interest rates, and tightening CAFE standards. Our Fall Conference will provide the insights you need to navigate the uncertainty and turmoil.

Topics covered include:

  • Outlook for Global Light Vehicle Demand and Production
  • Chinese Demand by Region and City
  • CO2 and Fuel Economy Compliance
  • Contrast of Technology Approaches in Japan, China, India and ASEAN
  • Outlook for China's Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market
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