IHS汽车研讨会邀请:车辆性能和合规性(VPaC)工具及更新 | Automotive Workshop: Vehicle Performance & Compliance (VPaC) Tools & Updates

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IHS is presenting the IHS Automotive Workshop: Vehicle Performance & Compliance (VPaC) Tools & Updates in Shanghai, China on May 25, 2016.






Balancing global powertrain development remains as polarizing and politically charged as ever. Manufacturers need to navigate with growing urgency an increasingly complex landscape. The result is a mixture of complex decision making and vehicle energy management technology spread-betting. To balance the politics of regulation with customer demand for fuel efficiency technology, internal OEM and supplier departments will need to come together more tightly than ever before to achieve the “Perfect Compromise” of efficiency, emissions, performance & compliance.

VPaC provides critical insight into the single greatest area of research and development (R&D) in automotive. Starting with a view into OEM fleets and competitive CO2 performance, VPaC identifies who will strike the best balance between performance and emissions (by brand, segment or model line) and which OEM may face financial penalties. VPaC offers a one-stop-shop for vehicle performance and compliance insight enabling automakers to: 1) Improve product planning and marketing; 2) Improve product engineering; and 3) Manage compliance and sustainability and Auto suppliers to: Improve marketing, sales, and R&D.

IHS Automotive Vehicle Performance and Compliance Monitor (VPaC) video clip

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