IHS Markitオートモーティブ・ワークショップ [人とクルマのテクノロジー展名古屋の連動企画] | IHS Markit Automotive Workshop [in conjunction with 2017 JSAE Nagoya]

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IHS Markit オートモーティブ・ワークショップ名古屋、2017年6月29日開催。



名古屋展の開催日: 6月28日(水)~30日(金)
IHS Markitオートモーティブ ブース番号:  25

IHS Markit is presenting the IHS Markit Automotive Workshop Nagoya, Japan on June 29, 2017.

Trends and Insights Connecting Powertrain, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain

We invite you to attend the IHS Markit Automotive Workshop Series to deep dive into future outlook and analysis covering the entire automotive supply chain from global powertrain forecast and development, competitive dynamics as a result of global sourcing and M&A, and also a look into auto supply mega trends up till 2025.

JSAE Show Date: 28 – 30 Jun 2107
IHS Markit Automotive Booth #: 25

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