EMEA Aromatics and Olefins Conference 2017

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Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017

    • 6:00 pmNetworking Reception

Wednesday, Jun 14, 2017

    • 8:00 amRegistration and Welcome Refreshments
    • 8:45 amWelcome Remarks

      Lyn Tattum, Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical, IHS Markit

    • 8:55 amGlobal Petrochemicals Overview: What's in the Cards?

      John Page, Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 9:20 amEMEA's Economic Outlook: Can Political Risks be Ignored?

      Timo Klein, Principal Economist, Economics & Country Risk, IHS Markit

      Over the past 12 months, populist and anti-globalization currents have led to the Brexit decision in the UK and the Trump presidency in the US. Economic growth has nonetheless strengthened in most European countries during this period – what are the reasons for this, and can it last?

    • 9:45 amImpact of Global Energy & Feedstocks on Aromatics and Olefins: A Customer’s View

      Tim Stedman, SVP & Business President, Basic Plastics and Feedstocks, Trinseo

      During the presentation Tim Stedman will look at the new landscape developing in the world of energy and upstream petrochemicals and hone in on several developing scenarios. Against this backdrop, Stedman will highlight how, as a consumer, Trinseo responds to the new landscape while continuing to carve out opportunity.

      Stedman oversees a broad plastics portfolio including polystyrene, co-polymers (ABS, SAN) and polycarbonate, as well as styrene monomer. As a supplier to numerous value chains including packaging, appliances, and building and construction among others, Trinseo is a significant consumer of aromatics and olefins, notably ethylene, benzene and butadiene.

    • 10:10 amQ and A/Panel Discussion

      Moderator: Lyn Tattum, Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical, IHS Markit

    • 10:25 amNetworking Break
    • 10:55 amOpportunities in a Globalising World: Strategies for EMEA

      Markku Korvenranta, Executive Vice President, Base Chemicals and member of the Executive Board, Borealis

      This presentation will provide a producer view of base chemicals, with particular focus on both aromatics and olefins. It will discuss how the expected flow of new product from North America and elsewhere can impact EMEA, and outline strategies for managing the changes.

    • 11:20 amShipping Outlook for Liquids and Dry Bulk

      Jurgen Sorgenfrei, Director, Maritime and Trade, IHS Markit

      Supply and Demand in Tanker and Dry Bulk Shipping is out of balance since years, and a relatively high level of expected fleet supply is also a headwind for 2017. For both markets we will provide an outlook, based on trade forecasts, order book and fleet statistics.

    • 11:45 amTrends in Tank Storage

      Jonathan Feys, Business Development & Sales Director Northern Europe, LBC Tank Terminals Group 

      Expanded choices, increasingly stringent regulatory and legislative requirements toward emissions, as well as growing focus on operational performance is driving a shift in consumer behavior. What is the capacity outlook for tank storage? What are the prospects for tank storage in the long term – is there likely to be more build in tanks? How is trade flow impacting the trends for tank storage?

    • 12:05 pmQ and A/Panel Discussion

      Moderator: Michael Smith, VP/Business Development, EMEA, IHS Markit

    • 12:20 pmNetworking Lunch
    • 1:35 pmEurope Olefins in a Changing World

      Richard Roudeix, Senior Vice President – O&P Europe, Asia and International, LyondellBasell

      Traditionally, the petrochemical industry would make investment in locations close to where the demand is coming from. In today’s increasingly globalized world, the barriers to move goods have been dramatically reduced. Some chemicals will become more global in their value chain while others will remain more regional. A review of the industry drivers.

    • 1:55 pmBenzene: An Indian Perspective

      Rajesh Prasad, Vice President (Aromatics – Benzene & Toluene), Reliance Industries Limited

      As Reliance prepares to bring onstream additional production that will boost its benzene capacity to 1 million mt/year, India is set to become a major benzene exporter to Europe. This presentation will discuss the implications of this new supply on the market. It will also discuss in brief the toluene, xylene and para-xylene market in India.

    • 2:15 pmQ and A/ Panel Discussion

      John Page, Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 2:25 pmNetworking Break
    • Afternoon Breakout: Aromatics

      Moderator: Duncan Clark, Senior Director, Aromatics, IHS Markit

    • 2:45 pmShifting Sands: Will the Length in European Benzene Feedstocks Persist?

      Katie Elliot, Director/BTX, IHS Markit

      The benzene feedstock market has moved from famine to feast and has brought reliability of extraction units to the fore, and until recently, benzene demand has been falling.  We consider external factors that may drive supply in the next three years and the consequent outlook for the BTX market.

    • 3:15 pmProspects for Styrene, Phenol and Acetone

      Tobias Spyra, Director Styrene and Phenolics EMEA, IHS Markit

      The styrene and phenolics chains are the largest applications for benzene in Europe and globally. While styrene producers have enjoyed healthy margins for a while now on the back of limited capacity additions and some rationalization, the phenol sector has struggled with overcapacity for years and faces new units starting this year. For styrene, many market players have already started to look at investments and some have announced new capacity. What are the drivers and threats for styrene producers in Europe? What are the options for phenol producers and will the gold rush for acetone continue? 

    • 3:45 pm Networking Break
    • Moderator: David Potter, Director/ Global Same-Day Analysis, IHS Markit
    • 4:00 pmThe EMEA Paraxylene and PTA Market: Back to the Future?

      Duncan Clark, Senior Director, Aromatics, IHS Markit

      The European and Middle East PTA market has undergone significant turmoil over the last 5 years with asset closures and an investigation by the European Commission into possible dumping of PTA by South Korean suppliers. The investigation is coming to a conclusion. Will new PTA assets be built in the EMEA region? How will future trade affect demand? How can paraxylene producers make the most of the new market structure? Will offshore market changes offer opportunities or threats for EMEA paraxylene producers?

    • 4:30 pmAromatic Polymers: Developments in PET, PS and EPS

      Martin Wiesweg, Senior Director PS, EPS & PET, IHS Markit

    • 5:00 pmImpact of the Changes to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Rules on Aromatics Pricing

      John Leavens,  Director, Oil Markets Midstream and Downstream, IHS Markit

      Legislation reducing shipping fuel sulphur content is expected to be the most disruptive product quality change in decades for the refining industry with major knock-on impact on refined product prices including gasoline. Aromatics have high value in gasoline blends and therefore pricing is likely to rise substantially in 2020.

    • 5:30 pmConference Concludes
    • Afternoon Breakout: Olefins

      Moderator: Michael Smith, VP/Business Development, EMEA, IHS Markit

    • 2:45 pmIsolation or Exposure: European Ethylene

      Matthew Thoelke, Senior Director – Olefins and Derivatives EMEA, IHS Markit

      European ethylene markets have primarily been driven by domestic affairs, the influence of other markets has been muted but undoubtedly present. How long can margins stay high, what will happen in the next global downturn, what are the risks for investing and can it really make sense? It is question of Insulation or Exposure.

    • 3:15 pmAdapting to a New Age: The Propylene Value Chain

      Denis Poussin, Principal Analyst, Global Acrylates and SAP, IHS Markit

      Tectonic shifts in global propylene production are weighing on the European market. The European plate is shifting as the continent becomes a net importer. Is this the dawn of a new era and how is it affecting the diverse propylene value chain? Is the erosion of local supply exposing cracks in the strata of European derivatives ? The paper will examine the general trends of global C3 (shale, China…) followed by how Europe’s supply position is moving and the impact on the European derivatives market.

    • 3:45 pmNetworking Break
    • 4:00 pmUpdate on Butadiene and C4s

      Remko Koster, Director, C4 and Derivatives, IHS Markit

    • 4:30 pmTrends in Olefin Derivatives

      Kevin Longworth, Principal Analyst, Polymers/EMEA, IHS Markit

    • 5:00 pmConference Concludes
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