4th Annual Asia Chemical Conference 2016

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What is the Role of Asia in the Next Wave of Investments?

IHS Chemical, the world leader in market intelligence and expertise, presents the Fourth Annual Asia Chemical Conference on 10-11 November 2016, preceded by two full-day workshops on 9 November 2016 in Singapore.

Following a banner year in 2015 for Asia chemicals, particularly olefins, will ethylene margins keep up their stellar performance in 2016 given the expected wave of shale-based olefins derivatives heading to the region? Meanwhile, propylene is struggling with oversupply – will new PDH make money in this market? Aromatics demand is expected to strengthen and catch up to supply. What will margins look like in the short term? What does the next wave of chemical investment look like, and what role will Asian producers play? At this year’s conference, 22 IHS and industry experts will provide data, analysis and insight into these salient issues confronting the industry:

  • Economy and growth drivers for the Asia chemical industry
  • Energy and feedstock impact on chemicals
  • Asia’s role in the next wave of investments
  • State of the global chemical industry
  • Prospects and developments for ethylene and propylene
  • Global outlook for polyolefins, elastomers, PET, PVC and specialty polymers
  • Focus on key products: aromatics, chlor-alkali and vinyls, methanol, specialty chemicals

You are welcome to attend any session at the Acrylonitrile, Derivatives & Fibres Conference taking place concurrently.

Who should attend:

If you lead a chemical business, are responsible for sales management, are a trader, distributor, analyst, strategic planner, producer, purchaser, or perform similar functions in chemicals, you need to attend.

For more information, contact:

Lynn Urban , Sales Manager, Events - IHS
Phone: +1 303 397-2801
Toll free in US: +1 877 413-5187

Peck Sim , Global Events Producer, IHS Chemical
Phone: +65 6439 6245

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