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World Soda Ash Conference 2019

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Commercial Impacts of Soda Ash Technologies

Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Workshop overview

The IHS Markit Soda Ash workshop is the only workshop offering a broad understanding of soda ash technologies and their commercial impact on the global soda ash industry.

The course will include reviews of technologies, product quality, sources of competitive advantage and discussion of global and regional trends that are impacting trade and profitability.

Why you should attend:

This full-day workshop will equip you with the foundational knowledge to make the best buying decision. With new capacity coming onstream in Turkey, changes taking place in urea in China, and shipping costs in flux, what is the most cost effective source of soda ash? How will logistics changes affect your costs? What are the implications of changing urea costs, particularly on synthetic production in Europe? What is happening in China and U.S.?

Attend this interactive workshop to build on your knowledge of soda ash, and meet the experts face to face, and meet customers, producers, logistics experts, regulators, industry associations and others.

The IHS Markit "Commercial Impacts of Soda Ash Technologies" workshop covers: 

  • Market Environment: Demand segmentation, supply and trade
  • Process Technologies: Synthetic soda ash production including both Solvay and Hou technologies, presented by Stefan Schlag, IHS Markit, and Lyle Nehls, former Director of Technology, FMC Corporation's Alkali Chemicals Division
  • Hou process & fertilizers: Ammonia production and its role in Hou-based soda ash production as well as the link between the Hou process and the fertilizer market. Presented by Ryan Monis, Associate Director, Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit.
  • Raw materials overview: An overview of coke, salt and limestone costs
  • Soda ash logistics/trade: An overview of the role global trade and logistics play in the soda ash market
  • Competitiveness: Relative cash costs on a regional and technology basis, cost curves and the impact of factors such as co-products and energy
  • Soda ash in China: An overview of China's soda ash market with a focus on environmental regulations and their impact on this dynamic market. Presented by Ethan Jiang, IHS Markit, China Soda Ash Principal Analyst
  • Lithium: Exploring the chemistry of producing lithium carbonate versus lithium hydroxide, which product will dominate in the future and this market's impact on soda ash led by Pricilla Ho Yung, IHS Markit, Lithium Principal Analyst

Delegates will receive:

  • Networking opportunities during: Continental breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon breaks and evening reception
  • Course instruction and a color copy of the presentation in a workbook, which includes glossary and appendix
  • Certificate of course completion (upon request)


  • Marguerite Morrin, Executive Director, Global Inorganics - Soda Ash, IHS Markit
  • Stefan Schlag, Ph.D. Senior Director, Inorganic Chemicals, Minerals, Mining Chemicals, IHS Markit
  • Ryan Monis, Associate Director, IHS Markit
  • Lyle Nehls, former Director of Technology, FMC Corporation's Alkali Chemicals Division
  • Priscilla Yung , Principal Research Analyst, Global Inorganics - Lithium & Battery Materials, IHS Markit
  • Ethan Jiang, Principal Research Analyst, Global Inorganics - Soda Ash, IHS Markit
  • Mike Beal, Director, Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit

Anti-Competition Notice

Participants to the workshop are reminded that anti-competitive agreements, practices and behaviours are prohibited under EU laws and that it is the responsibility of each participant to ensure compliance with such anti-competition laws throughout the duration of the workshop

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