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Thursday,06 February 2020

  • 1:00 PM Registration
  • 1:20 PM Welcome & Introductions

    Speaker: Shankari Srinivasan, Vice President, Energy

  • 1:25 PM Opening Address

    Speaker: Nobuo Tanaka, Chairman, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation

  • 1:35 PM The Global Gas Market - the Key Role of Europe

    Throughout 2019 the impact of abundant LNG supply has been visible in the global gas market, with the two clearest indicators --the collapse in prices at trading hubs and the switch in LNG demand growth from Asia to Europe. Looking forward Europe is expected to remain an important balancing market for the global gas industry, but its role will change.

    • What is the supply/demand balance through the next decade?

    • What ability does Europe have to absorb a global surplus of LNG?

    • What are the factors that determine European LNG import and set the price for Europe?

    Speaker: Shankari Srinivasan, Vice President, Energy

  • 2:15 PM Hydrogen and Renewable Gas: Reshaping the long-term role for gas

    Of all the conventional fuels, the long-term outlook for natural gas is the most uncertain. Deep decarbonization commitments imply very significant reductions in unabated natural gas, but gas is an essential component to the effective and economic operation of many sectors of the economy.

    • The role of gas in a deeply decarbonized economy

    • An overview of the main forms of low-carbon gas

    • The requirements to drive major cost reductions the supply of low carbon gas

    Speaker: Catherine Robinson, Executive Director, European Power, Gas, Coal and Renewables

  • 2:55 PM Break
  • 3:15 PM Affordability of Gas in South and Southeast Asia

    We are at a crossroads with the promise of rising natural gas demand in South and Southeast Asia as economies look to pursue a low-carbon pathway. However, the decline in cheap domestic gas production is challenging this notion. Is LNG affordable in these markets? What decisions are being made to accommodate the entry of more LNG imports?

    During this Energy Briefing, Chong Zhi Xin, Associate Director, looked at the cost of importing LNG into emerging markets in Asia. Various gas reform initiatives across different countries are highlighted to determine the sustainability of LNG imports.

    Speaker: Zhi Xin Chong, Associate Director, Southeast Asia Power, Gas, Coal, Renewables

  • 4:05 PM Will Renewables and Gas Dominate Southeast Asia’s Future Fuel Mix?

    Southeast Asia has been fueling its growing economies with coal-fired generation, owing to its low cost of generation. However, coal faces an increasingly challenging financing and development environment, while competition from the declining cost of renewables and growing interest in gas-fired generation is rising. How does the future fuel mix for the region look like?  

    • Do policies and government plans support the growth of renewables and gas?

    • Will affordability concerns continue to determine the fuel mix?  

    • What are the challenges gas-fired power and renewables face? 

    • How does the share of coal projects under development compare to before, and how will the utilization of coal plants be in the medium to long term?

    Speaker: Allen Wang, Associate Director, Southeast Asia Power and Asia Power and Renewables Analytics

  • 4:45 PM North American Natural Gas and Renewable Generation: The fight to serve incremental demand

    Natural gas accounts for about a third of total generation in the US, a market share it has maintained for the past 4 years. Over the same period, wind and solar have seen more steady gains, rising from 6% of total generation in 2015 to 9% in 2018. However, the natural gas building boom has slowed and renewables are capturing a growing share of the new supply mix.

    • As coal retirements continue to mount, what are the prospects for natural gas and renewables plus storage to fill the incremental demand?

    • How long is the natural gas bridge to a renewable future?

    • What drivers are shaping policymakers' and utility decisions surrounding new supply?

    Speaker: Douglas Giuffre, Director, North American Gas, Power and Energy Futures

  • 5:25 PM Closing Address

    Speaker: Shankari Srinivasan, Vice President, Energy

  • 5:30 PM Networking Reception
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