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Mexico Outlook Seminar 2019

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Thursday,01 August 2019

  • 8:30 AM Registration and Welcome Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM Welcome Remarks

    Dra. Laura Iturbide, Directora, Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial Anáhuac - IDEA

  • 9:10 AM Mexico at a Crossroad: What is the outlook?

    Ambassador Carlos Pascual , Senior Vice President, Global Energy, IHS Markit

    Mexico is at a crossroad in its strategy for economic growth. Mexico is also at a crossroad in its relations with the United States. These two journeys - interconnected - could determine whether Mexico has the capacity to grow and create confidence in its future or whether it will continue to live in an environment of uncertainty. These are the issues that we will explore.

    *This presentation will be held in Spanish / Esta presentación será en español

  • 9:50 AM Mexico: Poor Economic Prospects may worsen on renewed threats of trade disruptions

    Rafael Amiel, Director, Latin America & Caribbean Economics, IHS Markit

    Mexico's economic outlook remains challenged by uncertainties regarding domestic economic policy and external risks related to US threats to disrupt trade flows. If materialized, a 25% tariff on Mexican exports to the US will put Mexico's economy into recession. Severe volatility would affect the foreign exchange market and domestic prices. Investment would be further constrained. While this is not the baseline scenario, the uncertainties surrounding business activity are already hurting economic growth prospects.

    *This presentation will be held in Spanish / Esta presentación será en español

  • 10:30 AM Networking Coffee Break
  • 10:50 AM North America Light Vehicle Outlook: Are we reaching peak car?

    Guido Vildozo, Associate Director, Americas Light Vehicles Sales Forecasting, IHS Markit

    The talk will be centered around trying to understand the challenges the industry will face in coming years whether economic, commercial or political and how these weigh on the direction of the forecast. We will also review alternative scenarios given ongoing talks of Sec. 232 tariffs and other trade measures.

    *This presentation will be held in Spanish / Esta presentación será en español

  • 11:30 AM Truck Market Outlook: Shifting down from overdrive

    Antti Lindstrom , Principal Research Analyst, HCV Forecasting North America, IHS Markit

    The North American medium and heavy-duty truck market has reached a momentum under the current economic expansion and all signs suggest a pullback is inevitable, both in demand and supply, across the region. We will discuss some of the underlying factors and changes in the market make-up as well as shifts in production strategies vis-à-vis locations, product mix and models.

    *This presentation will be held in English / Esta presentación será en inglés

  • 12:05 PM Networking Break
  • 12:25 PM Understanding the Fuels Sector in Mexico, Against Global Trends

    Felipe Pérez, Consulting Director, Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream Energy, IHS Markit

    Stable fuels supply at a fair price is essential to impulse a country's economic growth, from the movement of goods to its citizens mobility, to powering industries. However, technological innovation and environmental policies are reshaping our relationship with mobility and changing the global supply and demand profiles. Hydrocarbons fuels may remain a significant portion of the energy matrix but what implications will these global changes have over the current and future strategies for Downstream in Mexico?

    *This presentation will be held in Spanish / Esta presentación será en español

  • 1:05 PM Growth Amid Headwinds: The global and Mexican container outlook

    Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor,, IHS Markit

    This presentation will address how the global container shipping industry is changing, what ramifications those changes have on Mexican port/shipping, and how the Mexican freight network is evolving as the country increases its role as Latin America's factory. The US-China trade war is increasingly making Mexico an attractive sourcing option for North America. Given the strong container growth Mexico has experienced, there are definitely challenges in handling the growth.

    *This presentation will be held in English / Esta presentación será en inglés

  • 1:35 PM The Global Investment and Capital Markets Activity Shift Pre and Post Political Turmoil in Mexico

    Christopher Stroh, Director Situational Analytics, IHS Markit
    Morgan Bodell, Senior Analyst, IHS Markit

    The last few years have seen political turmoil in Mexico impact the volatility of its markets. This session will explore how institutional investors have shifted their investment in issuers domiciled in Mexico and how it has impacted the equity issuance markets.

  • 2:15 PM Networking Lunch
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