Global Chlor-Alkali Conference

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Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017

    • 7:45 amRegistration - Sponsored by Nuberg Engineering Ltd.
    • 8:45 amWelcome Remarks

      Moderator: Chuck Carr, Global Business Director Inorganics, Chemical Market Services, IHS Markit

    • 9:00 amWhen Complex Market Forces Converge: The Global Chlor-Alkali Market Outlook through 2020

      Hazel Kreuz, Director Chlor-Alkali/Vinyls, Chemicals, IHS Markit

      Multiple forces are converging to create flux in today’s global chlor-alkali market. A healthy growth outlook in multiple regions and a stagnant near-term outlook for capacity are shifting forces in intercontinental trade routes and challenging recent caustic soda price levels. Additionally, emerging environmental regulations in Northeast Asia add a layer of complexity to expectations for chlorine and caustic supply, demand and price trends in the global arena over the coming five years. This presentation will explore the current and forecast states of key factors that influence expectations for global chlor-alkali trends from now through the early 2020’s.

    • 9:30 amThe Future of the Chlor-Alkali Industry in Europe and its Influence on the Global Market

      Yves Heroes, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Kem One

      The boundaries of Europe are part of the explanation why the impact of the mercury conversion process has been exaggerated. Long term idle capacity, overestimated variable costs and wishful thinking of third parties are other relevant factors. A bottom-up analysis of European supply demand shows a different picture.

    • 10:00 amProject Execution for Membrane Cell Plants

      Arun Singh Tyagi, Head - Marketing, Nuberg Engineering Ltd.

      • Three pillars of project management: time, budget, quality.
      • Importance of planning, execution, control, monitoring in project execution.
      • Caustic soda turnkey projects executed worldwide.
      • Caustic soda project life cycle and commissioned plant showcase.
    • 10:15 amNew Membrane Concentrator Improving Chlor-alkali Upstream Costs

      Basel Abusharkh, CTO, ISW and Hyrec

      Hyrec invented a membrane concentrator for sea water that produces desalinated water as a by-product. The concentrator can produce a concentrated brine with very low divalent ion content that can be used as feedstock for the soda ash and chloroalkali industries. The process utilizes low cost membranes and is characterized by low energy consumption.

    • 10:30 amQ and A

      Moderator: Chuck Carr, Global Business Director Inorganics, Chemical Market Services, IHS Markit

    • 10:45 amNetworking Break - Sponsored by LBC Tank Terminals
    • 11:15 amUS Gulf Coast: An Important Piece of the Chlor-Alkali/ Vinyl Global Puzzle

      Damian Gumpel, Vice President, Global Caustic & Vinyls, Olin Corporation

      The global chlor-alkali/vinyl industry is faced with a puzzle: no new capacity, chlorine/caustic demand growth driven by different factors, and higher growth regions are higher cost. USGC can serve a major role in helping solve this puzzle, but faces its own challenges. We will explore this puzzle and possible solutions.

    • 11:45 amThe Evolution of the Global Caustic Soda Trade

      Detlef Sagner, Chlor-Alkali & Derivates Manager NWE, Tricon

      Caustic Soda Trade in Europe has changed over the last ten years, and the real challenge to come in December 2017: Closures of Mercury Cell units, new Chlor/Alkali plants to ramp up in Q4 bringing more KOH but less Caustic. Healthy demand worldwide, some applications with strong appetite. Supply / demand – what has changed in the last ten years?

    • 12:15 pmQ and A

      Moderator: Hazel Kreuz, Director Chlor-Alkali/Vinyls, Chemicals, IHS Markit

    • 12:30 pmLunch - Sponsored by De Noord Chemicals / Stockmeier Chemie
    • 2:00 pmPulp and Paper Outlook

      Tuomas Mustonen, Senior Vice President, Sourcing Biomaterials and Chemicals, Stora Enso

      Providing an insight into the Pulp, Paper and Paperboard industry as one main customer segment for Caustic Soda. Explaining the business beyond pulp – the end uses of today and in the future. The pulp world production growth is highly polarised between regions and end uses. The ability to absorb cost volatility to end markets is limited and customers seek alternative ways to source than traditional short-term trading – an opportunity for stability and increased customer share!

    • 2:30 pmGlobal Vinyls - Navigating the Seas of Change

      Henry Warren, Director, Chemicals, IHS Markit

      The global vinyls industry has been subject to multiple pressures in recent times, including reduced regional cost differences, massive capacity overbuild in China and environmental and regulatory pressures, all of which have been the catalyst for significant changes. This presentation will examine the fallout as the industry plots a new course going forward.

    • 3:00 pmThe Distribution Market for Chlor-Alkali, a Key Component

      David O'Connell, Commercial Director Industrial Chemicals EMEA, Brenntag

      Chemical distribution has an important role as the connection between many thousands of Chlor alkali consumers and the producers; providing market and product access, operating with flexibility and service to meet specific customer needs and logistics requirements, as well as offering resources including product stewardship and wide geographic coverage. In a consolidating supply environment, the presentation considers how chemical distribution creates value for a range of stakeholders.

    • 3:30 pmQ and A

      Moderator: Vincent Ledoux- Pedailles, Associate Director, IHS Markit

    • 3:45 pmNetworking Break - Sponsored by LBC Tank Terminals
    • 4:15 pmContrasting Regional Energy Dynamics and their Impact on Chlor-Alkali Cash Costs

      Michael Stoppard, Chief Strategist, Global Gas, IHS Markit

      • Will natural gas prices keep supporting the low cost position of North American producers?
      • Will European producers be able to maintain their increased competitiveness experienced since the drop in oil prices?
      • How will environmental legislation and pressure on coal production impact Chinese power prices?
      • Crude oil price outlook: low prices here to stay?
      • How will regional energy costs compare in 5 years’ time?
    • 4:45 pmSustainability and Opportunities of Value Creation in the Chlor-Alkali Industry

      Anna Giatti, Business Development Manager Chlor-Alkali & Chloromethanes Industrial Chemicals B.V, AkzoNobel

      AkzoNobel has an ongoing commitment to invest in sustainability, as fundament to its business. Besides embracing the Euro Chlor program on sustainability AkzoNobel has realized many projects in order to provide customers with sustainable solutions. Europe has set energy and climate targets for the years to come. This presentation illustrates some implications of this development for the chlor-alkali industry and how contributing to the European policy can create business opportunities.

    • 5:15 pmQ and A

      Moderator: Vincent Ledoux- Pedailles, Associate Director, IHS Markit

    • 5:30 pmClosing Remarks
    • 6:00 pmReception - Sponsored by Brenntag

* Agenda subject to change

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