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Economics and Country Risk Seminar Tokyo 2019

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IHS Markit is presenting the Economics and Country Risk Seminar in Tokyo, Japan on September 3, 2019 | IHSマークイット「経済・カントリーリスクセミナー2019」2019年9月3日東京





• 2020年における米国経済の見通しとFRBの金融政策
• 2020年にユーロ圏が不況に陥る可能性
• 米中貿易戦争が中国をハードランディングに追い込む可能性
• 一帯一路について:アジア新興国への影響
• アジアの新しい生産拠点としてのASEAN
• インド経済の高度成長への道
• 世界の原油とガス価格の予測
• 世界の原油需給の見通し
• LNGの新たなスーパーサイクルの進展状況
• 米イラン間の緊張:軍事衝突のリスク
• リビア内戦:原油価格へのリスク
• ベネズエラの石油輸出に対する米国による制裁の影響
• 米中貿易戦争のショックが地域産業へ及ぼす影響
• 中国経済の減速が地域のサプライチェーンに及ぼす影響

The Global Economic Outlook for 2020: Key economic and geopolitical risks

Join us on 3 September in Tokyo as we explore the economic and geopolitical risks reshaping the global economic landscape for 2020.

Our experts will highlight economic implications as well as commercial impact on industries and markets directly or indirectly affected. Demonstrate risks and opportunities via data, forecasts, scenario analysis and expert insight. This will help businesses and investors mitigate risks and seize opportunities to realize the full potential of their portfolios.

Key topics to be addressed:

  • US economic outlook and Fed monetary policy in 2020
  • The probability the eurozone will be in recession in 2020
  • The possibility the US-China trade war will push China into a hard landing
  • Belt and Road Initiative: Impact on emerging Asia
  • ASEAN as Asia's new manufacturing hub
  • The Indian economy's high growth path
  • World oil and gas price forecast
  • Outlook for world oil demand and supply
  • Whether or not a new LNG supercycle is developing
  • US-Iran tensions: Risk of military conflict
  • Libya civil war: Risks for oil prices
  • Impact of US sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports
  • Impact of US-China trade war shock on regional industries
  • Contagion effects of China slowdown on regional supply chains
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