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Economics and Country Risk Breakfast Briefing Paris 2019

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IHS Markit is presenting the Economics and Country Risk Breakfast Briefing in Paris, France on Tuesday 8 October, 2019 at the IHS Markit office.

The ongoing escalation between Iran and the US, protests in Algeria, Morocco and the Tunisian elections, pose several challenges for businesses and investors in the region. These issues can spill-over into neighbouring countries, and raise risks to assets, personnel, and policy stability, as well as affecting the region's economy.

Please join us on 8 October 2019 to explore these issues and discuss their potential impact on businesses across the region, as well as local and foreign workforces.

Key questions and topics

  • How the US could lose a war with Iran: We will describe the strengths of each side, their calculus and the potential scenarios for the US Iran confrontation, including its impact on regional security and the ability to do business. Our discussion will cover risks to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, Lebanon and other areas.
  • Economic implications of war scenario in the region, and international consequences given the impact on oil supply and oil prices.
  • Demographics and governments: IHS Markit will discuss how unemployment, rising education levels and expectations, and government's fiscal and capability constraints risk greater instability.
  • Security outlook across the Maghreb in the context of anti-government protests and increased pressure on governments finances.
  • Algeria protests: We will discuss the prospects for presidential elections and the formation of a new government, key players and their commercial interests, and the impact of various scenarios on key sectors.
  • Morocco 2020 elections: outlook and government policy implications.
    Tunisia 2019 elections: the rise of the businessmen to Parliament, its impact on corruption and policymaking, and ensuing political stability and terrorism risks.
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