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Centrifugal Pumps: Testing, Design and Analysis

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Monday,17 February 2020

  • Day One


    • Examples of Pump Installations
    • SI and Engineering unit systems
    • Review of fluid mechanics
    • Derivation of friction factor equations
    • Flow in Circular Pipes
    • Flow in Annular Ducts
    • Calculation of pressure loss in a pipeline due to friction
    • Calculation of pressure loss due to minor losses
    • Minor loss tables and calculations
    • Equivalent length
    • Moody diagram
    • Curve fit equations for the Moody diagram

    Types of Valves

    • Flow through a valve
    • Valve categories
    • Advantages and disadvantages of types of valves

    Description of Types of Pumps

    • Reciprocating diaphragm pumps
    • Reciprocating piston pumps
    • Gear pumps
    • Lobe pumps
    • Screw pumps

Tuesday,18 February 2020

  • Day Two

    Centrifugal pumps

    • Testing of centrifugal pumps
    • Performance curves for centrifugal pumps
    • Derivation of dimensionless groups for centrifugal pumps
    • Affinity laws for pumps
    • Specific speed and how it is used to correlate data
    • Pump efficiency
    • System curve for a piping system
    • Pump selection using the system curve
    • Best practices

    Analysis of centrifugal pumps

    • Velocity Diagrams for flow through centrifugal pumps
    • Derivation of Euler's equation for turbomachines
    • Application of Euler's equation to predict pumping power

Wednesday,19 February 2020

  • Day Three

    Designing a centrifugal pump impeller

    • Selecting inlet and outlet vane angles
    • Vane layout drawings using Kaplan triangles
    • Vane layout drawings using tangent circular arcs

    Designing a centrifugal pump volute

    Effect of pipeline diameter on pressure losses

    Series and parallel pumps

    Critical speed of a rotating shaft

    • Vibrational effects

    Shaft stresses

    • Bending stresses
    • Axial stresses
    • Torsional stresses

    Disk stresses

    Economic factors

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