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Uncertainty Intensifies: A Bumpy Ride Ahead

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on society and on industry. A combination of the pandemic and the resulting plunge in crude oil prices has led to a significant fall in methanol demand. 2020 global demand for methanol is forecast to be 5 percent lower than in 2019, and 7 percent lower than the previous 2020 forecast. Operating rates across the globe have been lower, and methanol units in Trinidad and Chile have been brought offline altogether.

The speed of recovery is likely to vary by geography and by industry. For example, the epicenter of the pandemic has moved from Europe to the America’s but this could shift again and there are likely to be second and third waves of infection. The construction industry has held up reasonably well and is likely to be the beneficiary of infrastructure investment, as governments look to stimulate economic activity. The automotive industry has been hit much harder, however, and is likely to recover more slowly; it may also require government stimulus such as “cash for clunker” scrappage schemes. In this ever-changing landscape, “knowledge is power” and nowhere will more knowledge be found than at the 38th Annual World Methanol Conference – Online.

This year’s event will:

  • Lay out the industry landscape and likely price trajectory of key energy products/feedstocks such as crude oil, natural gas and China coal
  • Talk through the predicted recovery in methanol prices, trade and demand, by geography and key derivatives
  • Outline the latest status of methanol production and methanol projects

Live sessions will utilize the combined expertise of industry leaders and IHS Markit experts to:

  • Summarize the key themes of the conference and answer questions from attendees
  • Analyze the different factors influencing the rise of renewable/green/bio-methanol and ammonia
  • Focus on the potential for methanol and ammonia as marine bunker fuels given the new IMO legislation on sulfur emissions

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to learn, share and network at the 38th Annual World Methanol Conference – Online.

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Kjeld Aabo
Director, New Technologies, MAN Energy Solutions

Jenny Bouch
Head of Analysis, Nitrogen – Fertecon, IHS Markit

Jim Burkhard
Vice President & Head of research for oil markets, energy & mobility, IHS Markit

Alice Chebabi
Director of Business Development, Proman

Steve Christy
Director, Strategic Communications, Navig8

Greg Dolan
CEO, Methanol Institute

Georgy Eliseev
Principal Ammonia Analyst

Andrew Fenwick
Methanol Market Manager, Johnson Matthey

Rebecca Groen
Director Sustainable Fuels, SHV Energy & Vice President Renewable Energy, International DME Association

Berit Hinnemann
Senior Innovation Project Manager, Maersk

Mr. Chris Holmes
Vice President - Global Gas & LNG Consulting, IHS Markit

Leshan Hou
Executive Director, Acetyls, Asia

Tore Sylvester Jeppesen
Senior Vice President, Business Development, Haldor Topsoe

Xiaoqin Ji
Procurement Manager, Shenghong Group

Sara Johnson
Executive Director – Global Economics

Claus Keller
Senior Commodity Analyst

Reef Al Lahiq
Methanol Broker, SCB Brokers SA

Steve Lewandowski
Vice President, Olefins

Xiaomeng Ma
Director, Methanol, Base Chemical, IHS Markit

Olivier Maronneaud
Director, Chemical Consulting

Mike Nash
Vice President, Syngas Chemicals, IHS Markit

Javier Ortiz
Director, Methanol, Americas, IHS Markit

Guanglian Pang
Secretary General of Committee of Multinationals of CPCIF & Secretary General of the Going Global Confederation of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry 中国石油和化学工业联合会党委常委、副秘书长 & 国际交流与外企委员会秘书长

Dr. Qu Qiang
Gasification Process Technology Director, Air Products

Christian Schweitzer
Managing Director, BSE Engineering

Marc Sima
CEO / Co-Founder, FUELSAVE

Julian Skibitzki
Associate Director, IHS Markit

James Stevenson
Senior Director, Coal, Metals & Mining

Peng Wang
Department Manager, Xinhu Futures co., China

Kimberly White
Senior Director, Chemical Products and Technology Division, American Chemistry Council (ACC)

Online Event Details

11-12 November 2020 | Workshops

17-19 November 2020 | Conference

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