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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread throughout the world and will not go away soon. The race is on for proper medication and a vaccine, but even if solutions are found soon, it will take months to scale up production for a global rollout. In the meantime, governments, companies, and entire societies will need to adapt to this ongoing state of crisis and adjust their work and life habits accordingly.

How will the global automotive industry react to this "New Normal" and what will it trigger on the consumer side? How will long-term trends, which were taken for granted before the crisis, change?

Please join us for our virtual fall client briefings, where we will provide you with insights on the "New Normal" and how it affects the automotive industry.


Colin Couchman
Executive Director - Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast

Mark Fulthorpe
Executive Director - Global Light Vehicle Production Forecast

Denis Schemoul
Associate Director - EMEA Light Vehicle Production Forecast

Gao Tao
Manager - Great China Light Vehicle Production Forecasting, IHS Markit

Romain Gillet
Analyst, EMEA Powertrain Forecasting, IHS Markit

Mark Boyadjis
Global Technology Lead, Automotive Advisory Team

Brian Rhodes
Research & Analysis Manager - Connected Car

Jeremie Bouchaud
Director, Automotive E/E & Semiconductor

Tawhid Khan
Research Director, Automotive Supply Chain & Technology

Henner Lehne
Vice President - Global Vehicle Forecasting, Automotive, IHS Markit

Joe Langley
Associate Director - North American Light Vehicle Production

Michael Robinet
Executive Director, Automotive Advisory Services

Tony Wang
Associate Director, Powertrain & Compliance Forecasts, IHS Markit

Suraj Ghosh
Principal Analyst, Powertrain & Compliance Forecasts

Roberto Barros
Senior Research Analyst II, Americas Light Vehicle Sales Forecasting, IHS Markit

Carlos Da Silva
Manager, South American Light Vehicle Production Forecast, Automotive

Victor Silva
Senior Analyst, South America Powertrain Forecasting, IHS Markit

Flavio Gomes Dias
Senior Analyst & Researcher, Automotive Supplier Solutions, IHS Markit

Andrew Fulbrook
Executive Director - Global Powertrain Forecasting, Automotive, IHS Markit

Mike Fiske
Principal Analyst, Powertrain and Compliance

Jeremy Carlson
Principal Analyst - Autonomous Driving, Automotive

Guido Vildozo
Senior Manager - Americas Light Vehicles Sales Forecasting

Eric Anderson
Senior Analyst, North America Light Vehicle Forecasting, IHS Markit

Tim Armstrong
Senior Vice President - Planning Solutions, Automotive, IHS Markit

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29 September 2020, Tuesday

8.30am - 3pm (EDT)

$500 (USD)


1 October 2020, Thursday

8.30am - 5pm (GMT +2)


Asia Pacific

13 October 2020, Tuesday

9.30am - 6pm (GMT +9)

$500 (USD)


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