2017 Spring Automotive Conference - Tokyo

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IHS Automotive is hosting an automotive conference in Tokyo on February 28, 2017.


新たなる潮流が自動車業界の将来展望を動かし始める: 世界各国の選挙結果による政策や政治の変化、革命的技術とビジネスモデルに注がれる業界の重点戦略、持続可能な成長段階としての新興市場回帰の可能性。2017年春のカンファレンスでは弊社アナリストが最新の調査結果や見解を発表します。是非ご参加ください。

Time for a Fundamental Reset?!

New forces are driving the auto industry outlook: policy and political redirection as a result of election outcomes worldwide, the industry’s strategic focus on new revolutionary technologies and business models, and the likelihood of a return to emerging markets as a sustainable growth mode. Join our experts as we discuss our latest research and findings during our spring 2017 global conference series.

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