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IHS McCloskey Coal Report

IHS Markit has incorporated the McCloskey Coal Report into its Global Coal Market News & Analysis service, offering the deepest coal industry insight, information and expertise in the market. Clients who previously subscribed to any combination of the McCloskey Coal Report, Fax and Newswire will now receive all three deliverables through our online platform, IHS Connect™ – allowing first time, single-source access to our full coal capability. From real-time data delivery to long-term outlooks, customers will be able to execute trades and inform strategic plans with the greatest confidence.

The leading provider of critical news, analysis and data on the international coal markets, the McCloskey Group was acquired by IHS Markit in 2007. With the acquisition, IHS Markit inherited the group’s distinguished price-reporting legacy. McCloskey Coal played a key role in developing steam coal prices and first published the NW European marker in 1991. This price guided the trade of 6,000kc coal in the Atlantic and set the foundation for the API indices. Produced jointly between IHS McCloskey and Argus, the API indices helped transform coal into an efficiently priced commodity. Today, IHS Markit coal price markers form a key component of the API indices, which serve as the settlement price in 90% of the world's coal derivative contracts. Indeed, more than $600 billion annually in contracts are settled against API2 and API4 NW Europe and Richards Bay.

What does your new subscription deliver?

  • Global coal news and analysis – Timely and accurate price reporting on the international coal industry and critical analysis of the major coal-producing and consuming regions
  • Proprietary data – Coal prices, indexes, trade (imports/exports) and production/consumption statistics
  • Strategic insight into thermal and met coal markets – Analysis of key drivers behind supply, demand, cost, freight and price dynamics
  • A unique brand of intelligent journalism – Our global team focuses almost solely on the coal industry, and our integration with IHS Energy Publishing provides unmatched depth in the North American and Asian coal editorial space
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Please use the table below to navigate to your new subscription content:

If you’re looking for: Go to:
McCloskey Coal Report, Fax and/or Newswire Global Coal Market News and Analysis
Petcoke Report Global Coal Market News and Analysis
Coal UK Global Coal Market News and Analysis
Indonesian Coal Data Prices and Indices Dataset Indonesian Coal Price Data and Indexes
MCR Dataset Coal Price Data and Indexes
Australian Coal Report APAC and African Coal Market News and Analysis
Coalfax APAC and African Coal Market News and Analysis
Indian Coal Report APAC and African Coal Market News and Analysis
South African Coal Report APAC and African Coal Market News and Analysis
China Coal Daily Chinese Coal Market News and Analysis
China Coal Monthly Chinese Coal Market News and Analysis
Coal and Energy Price Report North American Coal Market News and Analysis
US Coal Review North American Coal Market News and Analysis
Inside Coal Metallurgical Coal Market Insight, News and Analysis
Metallurgical Coal Quarterly Metallurgical Coal Market Insight, News and Analysis
Steam Coal Forecaster Steam Coal Market Insight, News and Analysis
Global Steam Coal Advisory Service Steam Coal Market Insight, News and Analysis


Jim Thompson

He is conversant on worldwide market trends, with a focus on the North American coal markets. Mr. Thompson provides expertise both in thermal coal for electricity production and metallurgical coal for use in the steelmaking process. He is widely quoted by leading financial newspapers and speaks at multiple, industry-related conferences. He has more than two decades of experience in providing analysis and insight on coal markets for coal producers and consumers, as well as for financial analysts and investors.​ Mr. Thompson co-founded Energy Publishing, which was acquired by IHS Markit in 2013, and is now part of IHS Markit. He graduated from Dallas Baptist University.​​

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Scott Dendy

He was instrumental in designing, developing and launching the McCloskey/Xinhua Infolink South China CFR 5,500kc marker as well as API8, API5 and API3 (in conjunction with Argus Media) for IHS Markit. He has overseen the rapid uptake in traded derivative volumes based against IHS Markit's McCloskey Indonesian Sub-bituminous FOB marker. His role demands a good understanding of trading, both in physical and derivative/futures markets, from how they work to how they are developed, launched and adopted. He is also the managing editor of International Nuclear Business from IHS Markit. Previously, Mr. Dendy was the editor of UK Powerfocus for The McCloskey Group, where he closely followed the UK's New Electricity Trading Agreements (NETA). He worked on a number of European power modeling projects for Power Ink Limited, where he also co-edited a quarterly UK power generation report for Financial Times Energy. During the early 2000s, Mr. Dendy worked within the Power Development division of the international engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald. Before that, he worked at the energy purchasing consultancy John Hall Associates. He has more than 17 years of experience in covering energy-related traded markets. Mr. Dendy has a Master's Degree in History from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

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