IHS Markit Corporate Sustainability

Customer Solutions: Empowering Customers for Sustainable Growth, Operational Excellence and Innovation

For our customers, sustainability is a business imperative and a driver of both growth and innovation. IHS helps customers address the full spectrum of sustainability challenges in the world's most capital intensive industries and more than 200 countries around the globe. IHS solutions help companies:

  • Reduce their operational risks and increase their efficiencies
  • Increase market share through the entry of new products that meet the economic, environmental and social concerns of their customers
  • Gain license to operate in emerging markets

IHS Sustainability Solutions™ – Interconnected Solutions for Key Industries




  • Economics & Country Risk

    Building on unrivalled coverage of the economic, industry and risk landscape, Economics & Country Risk enables clients - large and small - to identify growth, plan accurately and navigate uncertainty. IHS Markit partners with customers to help them identify new trends, size growth opportunities, monitor risk and opportunity ratio, conduct market assessments, plan for alternate scenarios and secure their business continuity.

    Economics & Country Risk allows clients to understand and navigate the intricacies and interplay of political, economic, social and environmental factors in the business milieu. Examples include:

  • Smarter Buildings For Better Business Outcomes

    Gain insight, in a white paper authored by Honeywell and IHS Markit, Inc., on how smart buildings can increase the sustainability, safety and productivity of a building while reducing operational cost and improving the quality of life of its occupants. The Honeywell Smart Building Score is used as universal and flexible framework to easily assess any building. Within this framework, the research identifies a clear call to action for stakeholders in the smart building ecosystem.

  • Sustainability Offerings from IHS Markit BRE Press

    IHS Markit BRE Press is the exclusive publisher to BRE. BRE publications provide a wealth of knowledge, experience, practical advice and information on new developments, regulations, standards and good practice on all aspects of the built environment. Topics include:

    • Delivering sustainable buildings
    • The Green Guide to Specification
    • Energy management in the built environment
    • Changing energy behavior in the workplace
    • Producing the business case for investment in energy efficiency
    • Installation of photovoltaic panels on existing flat roofs: some lessons learned
    • Renewable energy sources

    Publications are available to buy in hardcopy or pdf, they can also be viewed and downloaded with a subscription to BRE Connect Online. You can find out more about IHS Markit BRE PRESS here.

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