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This area of the Energy Quality Resource Center is dedicated to providing you with access to a range of materials that are designed to help you to get the most value from your subscription to IHS Global Exploration and Production Service (GEPS).

GEPS provides real-time E&P news reports and in-depth coverage of current, historical and planned upstream activity across the globe. GEPS is produced by 16 technical teams positioned around the world who collaborate with hundreds of subject matter experts in more than 200 countries.

As new materials become available, we'll add them to this site.

Quality Elements

Our goal is to help our customer have the best information and tools to drive business performance, and keep a competitive advantage. We continue to promote consistently high quality Technical Reporting standards and content with substantial improvements throughout the year, to ensure that our products are offered in compliance with the following five quality elements:

Consistency: Offer information in accordance with a set of standards and avoid contradictions with our database.

Completeness: Provide the right data attributes and analysis. Ensure content does not contain excessive detail or missing information.

Currency: Deliver new and updated Technical Reporting content in a timely manner.

Correctness: Identify the most relevant and correct sources and cross-check our information.

Clarity: Use clear, concise language to explain complex information. Deliver our message as clearly and succinctly as possible, for access by a wide variety of readers.

Quality Projects

Our key focus has been around developing and maintaining our metadata sets and populating historical articles. Our different metadata allow clients to filter Technical Reporting content using a wide range of data attributes:

100 completeness

Region & Country
Rapid access to key information by Region, Country level search.

100 completeness

Locate information easily based on your Subject/Topic of interest.


Operating companies, and where relevant participants companies, are tagged to articles. Our goal is to have 98% of articles tagged with a company.

3 new topics

Special interest
A total of 26 attributes are available to our editors to categorize articles with a special topic, such as Shale Gas, Coalbed Methane, LNG, etc. Three new topics were added in 2015: High Impact Well, Play Opener, and Arctic.

80 completeness

More than 80% of GEPS articles published in the last 12 months are tagged with a basin. A complete review of the attributes was made to match our International Basin database. Projects are ongoing to populate historical articles where applicable.


Geographical area
These include onshore / offshore situation for all countries as well as other specific geographical areas for large countries to help you refine your search. For example, Australia has the following Geographical Areas: Ashmore & Cartier Islands | New South Wales | Northern Territory | Queensland | South Australia | Tasmania | Victoria | Western Australia. Our goal is to have +90% of GEPS articles published in the last 12 months tagged with Geographical information.

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