Converging market forces - including rising shale production, lower oil prices, new operational efficiencies, geopolitical developments and more - are dramatically reshaping the global oil and gas industry. As the pace of change accelerates, corporate and government leaders must make the right choices in order to identify exploration and production opportunities that promise optimal growth while also prioritizing investments, driving innovation, managing risks and reducing costs.

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  • Video Presentation: Getting back to the business of exploration in Southeast Asia – Dylan Mair, Technical Research Executive Director. (30:35)
  • Video Presentation: Survival of the Service Sector – Frank Larsen and William Cunningham, Research and Analysis Directors. (32:14)
  • Video Presentation: Outlook for E&P, Portfolio Trade-Offs – Mike Wynne, Vice President. (32:36)
  • Video Presentation: Competition, Rivalry and Cooperation in the Pursuit of East Mediterranean Gas – Catherine Hunter, Senior Principal Analyst. (21:59)
  • Whitepaper: Is U.S. Tight Oil a Ponzi Scheme? – Justin Pettit, Vice President.
  • Whitepaper: How China can Become a Net Exporter of Oil and Gas – Justin Pettit, Vice President.
  • Podcast: Forced Change, Navigating the Investor Landscape in North America – Dan Pratt and Kevin Roy.

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