Emerging technology, future potential, and government intervention

What basins are trending in 2019? How is technology impacting production today, and informing future shifts to renewable energy? How are potential future declines being mitigated? In what ways are policy changes affecting development? Learn more from our experts by accessing the content below.

The Mumbai Basin's geological history, future potential and importance for India
The Mumbai Basin contributes around 55% of domestic crude oil and 70% of domestic gas production for India. How long can India rely on production from the basin? What plans are in place to offset any foreseen declines in the future? Get an overview of the geological, exploration and production history of the prolific basin and a look at its future potential to support India's plans to reduce its imports.

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Pioneering PDO: From EOR to renewables
Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is well known for its advancements in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology and it has successfully implemented pilots and full-scale projects for almost 30 years, motivated by its considerable but not readily accessible hydrocarbon resources. Over the course of the last two years, there has been a noticeable increase in the reporting of future renewable energy projects and it seems that Oman is finally applying sustainable projects as an alternative solution for its energy needs.

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New Zealand's Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Amendment Act 2018 - Industry killer or a policy that reflects a struggling exploration environment?
2018 proved a historic year for the oil and gas industry in New Zealand. With the global industry downturn seemingly at an end and the price of oil remaining well above USD 60/barrel for most of the year, the outlook for the upstream exploration and production industry should have been positive. However, a sudden change in policy was implemented in November 2018 that would impose a ban on the offering, or award of, any new offshore petroleum exploration permits and any new onshore petroleum exploration permits outside the productive Taranaki region. Was this a timely policy change for a global leader in green policy or the final nail in the coffin for an upstream E&P sector already in demise?

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