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What's New

This What’s New section highlights new features in Engineering Workbench as they are released, providing you with up-to-date information about the ongoing development of the solution. As major releases are delivered to our customers, cumulative Release Notes documents will be posted below and this section will be refreshed with new information. Users can always obtain the most current information on features and functionality using the online documentation within Engineering Workbench.

January 2018

  • Sharing Annotations. Annotations within a document in Engineering Workbench can now be shared with other users or subaccounts within the same account. 
    • This capability allows users to share comments, expertise, corporate policy, and so on with colleagues and team members, facilitating collaboration, preserving corporate tribal knowledge, and allowing project teams to work from "one version of the truth."
    • See below for the steps to create and share an annotation. For more information, refer to the online documentation within Engineering Workbench

  • "Also Viewed" Standards. A user viewing a standard or specification document in Engineering Workbench can see which additional standards have been viewed by other users who have accessed the same document, based on IHS Markit data. 
    • For users, this capability facilitates research into related documents, saving time and providing insights into other standards applicable to a particular problem or project that the user is working on.
    • For corporate librarians or knowledge managers, this information is useful for understanding the scope of documents related to the standards currently available to their organization as an aid in determining whether additional content would assist their users in meeting their project goals.