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General Resources

Use this presentation to explain to your users what they can expect during the transition to Engineering Workbench and the exciting new features they will have at their command.

To enable a variety of productivity, compliance and security enhancements for our customers, the upcoming switchover to Engineering Workbench will require individual registration. Send this document to users to explain these registration benefits to users.

Send this Engineering Workbench quick-start guide to your users for an easy, fast introduction to the solution’s capabilities for finding, using and managing industry standards and other technical reference information.

Distribute this whitepaper to users so they can read about the value and enhanced capabilities of managing standards with Engineering Workbench.

Email Templates

Use these email templates to notify and remind your users that they will soon move to Engineering Workbench to access their standards, the seamless transition that they can expect, and the steps they can take to familiarize themselves with the new platform.

Choose from the following email templates. Each is customized for release a specific number of days prior to switchover day.

Administrator Checklists Training Video

View this video (approximately 17 minutes) for an introduction to essential administrative capabilities in Engineering Workbench, including managing search options, set-up configuration, subscription notes, and more.