Kingdom – Seismic & Geological Interpretation Software

Kingdom by IHS Markit now delivers even faster results while remaining the industry’s most widely used and top-rated seismic interpretation software for functionality, reliability and ease-of-use*.

*Worldwide Survey of the Market for Geological & Geophysical Software, Welling & Company, 2013

Kingdom provides advanced geoscience including AVO and attribute analysis, geosteering, microseismic interpretation, and time-to-depth velocity modeling to every interpreter – not just the specialist. With Kingdom, all members of your asset team are able to work with integrated 2D and 3D seismic and geological information within a multi-authored environment, enabling more informed decisions to be made in less time.

Geophysical Interpretation

Reduce time between research and discovery while minimizing risk with Kingdom 2D/3DPAK, the industry's geophysical interpretation tool of choice.

Key enhancements now available in Kingdom 2015:

  • Fault Attributes – Gain an increased level of detail for 3D seismic data to use for fault interpretations and fracture identification. Based on Illuminator™ Technology, new patent pending algorithms allow for the creation of four seismic attributes tuned to identifying discontinuities in data including Symmetry, I3D Energy, I3D Dip and I3D Azimuth.

Also available:

  • Integrated 2D and 3D seismic interpretation.
  • Automatically generate grid-based velocity models to convert data on-the-fly from time-to-depth or depth-to-time.
  • Generate horizons and faults on on-lines, crosslines, arbitrary lines, and slices in time and depth domains.
  • Auto-track horizons on complex seismic data with Illuminator technology.
  • Produce accurate maps quickly with Flex Grid technology.
  • Display formation tops interpreted from log curves on vertical seismic displays to grid and contour tops within a project area.
Geophysical Interpretation
Geological Interpretation

Make informed decisions and minimize risk by gaining a clear and accurate vision of a prospect with Kingdom EarthPAK.

Key enhancements now available in Kingdom 2015:

  • Dynamic Map Update – Understand the reservoir much more efficiently by eliminating traditional cumbersome processes of building structural and stratigraphic maps one at a time and independently of one another. This methodology streamlines mapping processes by dynamically building and maintaining all surfaces in the structural frameworks while honoring their geologic rules.
  • Enhanced Geosteering – Accurately predict the geology ahead of the bit more effectively than with traditional tools. Powered by Dynamic Depth Conversion and Dynamic Map Update, the seismic and subsurface models are updated as new interpretations are made, providing insights to the entire asset team to enable steering of the well to potential targets.

Also available:

  • Display log curves in structure/stratigraphic cross-sections with shading based on a constant cut-off value, facies log curve, or crossover shading.
  • Support multiple fault segments in cross-sections, with specified vertical separations.
  • Calculate zone thickness with measured log, true vertical and stratigraphic thickness.
  • Model a proposed program by creating manual decline curve segments with user-defined production and decline rates.
  • Increase drilling productivity and accuracy, and integrate well and seismic data to steer the drill bit and reduce and manage costs by monitoring progress against plan with Kingdom Geosteering.
Geological Interpretation
Multi-Dimensional Interpretation

Integrate geological and geophysical information in 3D space to make more accurate interpretations and achieve higher productivity, even in the most challenging plays with Kingdom VuPAK.

Key enhancements now available in Kingdom 2015:

  • Geological Interpretation in 3D Space – 3D capabilities significantly enhance the identification and understanding of geologic structures and potential hydrocarbon trends compared to the traditional geological interpretations in Map and Section views. Visualizing all available project data in a common 3D workspace yields more accurate interpretations and provides the ability to steer wells to best optimize reservoir production.

Also available:

  • Display well log curves, including log lathe displays and plan potential drilling targets using the interactive well path planner.
  • Interpret horizons and geo-bodies using Illuminator Technology.
  • Rapidly scan volumes using interpreted horizons and co-blending multiple attributes.
  • Match seismic data to micro seismic events with integrated micro seismic interpretation.
Multi-Dimensional Interpretation
Add-On Modules

Kingdom Add-on modules can be used for in-depth analysis and modeling from AVO modeling and creating acoustic impedance attributes to further analyzing your structural and stratigraphic interpretation.

Kingdom data management tools enable you to integrate proprietary and 3rd party technologies and manage Kingdom projects across your organization.

Key enhancements now available in Kingdom 2015:

  • Trace Calculator – New calculations have been added, including Sweetness, Velocity Blocking, GenSpike and Clip by Interpolation.
  • AVOPAK – New algorithm for Angle of Incidence calculation.
  • VelPAK – HiDef Module provides highly detailed velocity volumes from a background velocity model, well velocity logs and geological interpretation.
  • Seismic Inversion – Addition of Hi-Frequency Inversion.

Add-on modules include:

  • AVOPAK - Interpret pre-stack data.
  • Seismic Inversion - Create acoustic impedance attributes using log data.
  • Rock Solid Attributes (RSA) - Advanced 3D post stack attributes*.
  • Data Management - Manage and migrate Kingdom information with ease.
  • Web Services - Easily manage culture images and spatial data within a common interface.
  • Kingdom Connect - Connect Kingdom projects with any OpenSpirit enabled product.

*Rock Solid Attributes is a trademark of Rock Solid Images Inc.

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