Integrate extensive E&P information with powerful technology to make better business decisions
From concept to development, IHS connects rich geotechnical and E&P information with our industry leading analytical software tools to provide end-to-end decision support of your E&P portfolio. Engineers can analyze, size and plan for new drilling and completion opportunities and optimize upstream production by modeling and monitoring production throughout the well life cycle.

Critical Information

At the very core of IHS Markit is our information. Regardless of where you access it, IHS Markit provides subscribers with information that permits real analysis and insight, while seamlessly integrating with information access and analytical applications. We are committed to providing you with high quality information and analysis through a defined data transformation process that transforms raw data into the refined information you use every day. Our in-house subject matter experts ensure that what you see on your desktop is the most up to date and complete information to help you focus on your business.

Well Data

Covering 425 oil and gas basins worldwide and including more than five million wells, IHS Markit Critical Information helps you understand the geological composition of reservoirs across the globe and track current unconventional development efforts. Trusted content is seamlessly integrated with IHS Markit data access tools and supports the entire oil and gas asset management workflow from strategic planning through exploration, production and delivery.

Learn about IHS Markit oil and gas information and data access systems by region, get the Global Energy Information Review

Production Data

IHS Markit Oil & Gas Production Data is available for over 115 countries, from country to field level and on an annual or monthly basis. Evaluate unconventional completions using peak production and 30/60/90 day production cums. Assess production possibilities by accessing the following attribute information; rates, volumes (cum values), ratios, gas analysis components, decline etc.

Learn about IHS Markit oil and gas information and data access systems by region, get the Global Energy Information Review

Data Access

IHS Markit AccuMap® is a mapping, data management and analysis software for companies operating in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and Frontier areas.

IHS Markit Enerdeq® Browser provides online access to your proprietary and subscription-based US Well, Production and Land data, including more than 4 million well completions and more than 2 million production entities.