IHS Markit Engineering Solutions

Get the most out of your reserves.

Producers must always look for ways to maximize production while minimizing risk. Getting all you can from a producing system—and more importantly, capitalizing on that information—is a complex task.

IHS Markit gives you the tools and insight to help you design and optimize producing oil and gas systems from the individual well level to the full production network. Realize increased productivity with workflows that access a full suite of empirical, analytical and numerical methods

Reservoir Management

As an integral part of our petroleum engineering and geological consulting work, IHS Markit develops software products that are sold, supported and used extensively in global markets. Our innovative software incorporates the latest in technology, and provides practical and advanced solutions for reservoir engineering and production optimization projects. We remain on the leading edge of research in reservoir engineering, and implement "best practices" into our software including:

Field Operations Expertise

We offer interdisciplinary expertise across a team of reservoir engineers, geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, production engineers, simulation engineers, and computer specialists—all with one goal: to help customers optimize development and production. Whether you need short-term or long-term consulting services, we can provide answers, analysis, and interpretation of drilling and operations results.

Community of Best Practice

The Community of Best Practice is a cooperative environment in which oil and gas professionals learn about reservoir behavior and well performance: what works and what doesn't. This is a collaborative platform through which we offer information, analytics and expertise to organizations around the world. Community members can access an expanding body of knowledge that includes rate and pressure data, and completion details along with a full analysis and summary reports from wells analyzed by the IHS Markit engineering team.

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    Eagle Ford, Bakken
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    SCOOP AND STACK, Utica, Montney
Software Support

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