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The global automotive industry is a driver of change. Only IHS Automotive can help you navigate this change across the entire automotive value chain.

From changing regulations, new vehicle technologies, and the consolidation and globalization of platforms to increasing competition in mature markets and growing demand in newer markets, staying ahead of this change and knowing what it means for your business has never been more important.


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Automotive’s full suite of solutions include:

Archived Nuggets Product Strategy, Planning & Procurement

From vehicle volume forecasts to analysis of disruptive technologies we provide a comprehensive view of light, medium and heavy vehicles including:

  • Sales, Production and Powertrain Forecasts
  • Market Performance
  • Regional Forecasts (China Province, Africa)
  • CO2 Forecasts
  • New Registrations
  • Component Forecast Analytics
  • Technology Solutions: Infotainment, Autonomous Driving, etc
  • Supplier Profiles and Sourcing
  • Aftermarket Parts Cataloging
  • Future Mobility Trends
  • Analysis of Changing Business Dynamics
Engineering, Manufacturing & Logistics

From optimizing your manufacturing process to identifying new sources of supply we help OEMs and suppliers to operate more efficiently.

  • Component Forecast Analytics
  • Supplier Profiles and Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Analysis (shipping)
  • Analysis of Changing Business Dynamics
  • Plant Investment
  • Engineering Standards (EH&S)
  • Operational Standard and Risk Management
  • Technical Specifications & Standards
  • Economic Analysis
  • MarketInsight
  • Company Analysis

We help customers target the right audience at the right time with the right message via the right channel.

  • Loyalty Analytics
  • Conquest
  • Return to Market
  • Total Market Potential
  • Brand, Make, Model Propensities
  • Traditional Fulfillment
  • Digital Advertising - Web, Social, Mobile (DLX)
  • Audience Performance Measurement (Purchase Analysis)
  • Media Performance Measurement
  • Channel Performance Measurement
  • Vehicle Launch Solutions
  • Lead Scoring
  • Full Service Recall
Sales & Aftersales

From finding the optimal locations for your showrooms and service centers to managing your dealer networks we help you optimize sales and increase your market share.

  • Market Performance
  • Light Vehicle Sales Forecast
  • Regional Forecasts (China Province, Africa)
  • Sales Match
  • Loyalty/Conquest Performance
  • iVerify
  • Source of Sales
  • Return to Market
  • Sales Operation Forecast
  • Dealer Network Development / NetworkInsight
  • Dealer Territory Analysis and Performance (Field Pro)
  • Dealer Territory Potential and Marketing (Territory Pro)
  • Commercial Prefill
  • Aftersales Target Marketing Lists & Metrics (PolkConnect)
  • Aftermarket Automotive Parts Cataloging (WorldView)

From manufacturers and retailers of aftermarket parts to insurance companies and law enforcement agencies, we have the information you need.

  • Global Vehicles-in-Operation (VIO)
  • VIO Forecasts
  • New Registrations
  • Aftermarket Parts Cataloging
  • Component Forecast Analytics
  • Aftersales Target Marketing Lists & Metrics (PolkConnect)
  • VIN Decoders (VINtelligence with ACES)

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